Covid: in Brescia 134 positive and one death, the infections Municipality by Municipality

Lombardy resists: without bothering Guido Bertolaso ​​and a yellow zone that is anything but at the gates, the numbers speak. It is true that the threshold of 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants has been symbolically exceeded in seven days (which is one of the requirements of the white zone), but it is equally true that we are almost in mid-November and we have numbers from spring / summer, when a year ago we were already in the darkness of the red zone, with almost 600 deaths a day throughout Italy. Instead, November 2021: we are still ahead thanks to vaccines.

There are 134 positive Brescians in the last 24 hours, 658 in seven days with an average of 94 cases per day, an increase of 10.6% over the seven days (Wednesday was + 4.9%, Tuesday + 15.7%) and 16% over the previous seven days. The incidence stands at 53 new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in seven days (in Lombardy it is 57, throughout Italy 79). There is only one death from coronavirus in Bresciano, an elderly hospitalized at the Civile: there are 6 in the whole of Lombardy.

Covid: the situation in Lombardy

Across the region there are 1,066 positives in 24 hours, compared to 131 thousand processed swabs (positivity rate equal to 0.8%): they are 5,660 in seven days with an average of 809 per day, an increase of 6% out of seven days (Wednesday was + 7.9%, Tuesday + 14.8%) and 14.4% over the previous seven days. The situation of the hospitals is stable, with a balance of 10 new admissions in 24 hours: on Thursday 11 November, 454 Covid patients were hospitalized in Lombardy (Wednesday were 444, Tuesday 426) and of these 45 are in serious condition in intensive care.

On the same day a year ago, without any vaccinations yet, in Lombardy alone there were 9,291 positives in 24 hours (compared to 43 thousand swabs: positive rate of 21.6%), with a balance of 158 hospital admissions (of which 18 in intensive care) and 187 deaths. Throughout Italy there were 623 deaths from Covid in a single day, and in the hospital there were already almost 30 thousand hospitalized, more than 3 thousand in intensive care.

The new infections Municipality by Municipality

In the Brescia area there are new cases in 58 municipalities. In detail:

  • 30 in Brescia,
  • 8 in Desenzano del Garda,
  • 5 in Lumezzane,
  • 4 in Collebeato, Ghedi, Toscolano Maderno, Villa Carcina
  • 3 in Bovezzo, Leno, Manerbio, Marcheno, Pozzolengo, Rezzato, Sarezzo, Sirmione,
  • 2 in Bedizzole, Calcinato, Gargnano, Monno, Padenghe, Pontevico, Rodengo Saiano, Sale Marasino,
  • 1 in Bagnolo Mella, Bagolino, Berzo Demo, Borgosatollo, Breno, Calvagese, Calvisano, Capriolo, Carpenedolo, Castrezzato, Concesio, Flero, Gardone Riviera, Lonato, Mazzano, Milzano, Montichiari, Muscoline, Nave, Offlaga, Orzivecchi, Ospitaletto, Passirano , Pian Camuno, Pisogne, Provaglio d’Iseo, Roccafranca, Salò, Torbole Casaglia, Travagliato, Verolavecchia and Villachiara.

Province of Brescia: new cases in 24 hours

Province of Brescia: new cases in 7 days

Province of Brescia: variation over 7 days

Province of Brescia: variation on the previous 7 days

Province of Brescia: new cases every 100 thousand inhab. in 7 days

Covid hospitalized in Lombardy


Covid Brescia positive death infections Municipality Municipality

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