Covid Veneto 11 November: 1,077 infected, over 14,000 people in quarantine, 5 deaths

The Veneto has passed the threshold of a thousand infections: there are 1,077 in fact, people infected with the Covid 19 in the last 24 hours according to the regional bulletin. An increase of others 146 more infected compared to 931 the previous day.
The 1,077 new positivity emerged compared to 19,059 molecular swabs and 82,968 antigenic. The incidence is equal to 115.3 per 100 thousand inhabitants; the Rt is equal to 1.23; the occupancy rate of hospital beds is 5% in intensive care and 4% in ordinary wards.
Covid Veneto 10 November, 931 cases. Zaia: “Yellow zone around the corner”

The 1,077 cases of today together with the growth of the pandemic curve of the past few days brings the total of Venetians currently in quarantine at 14,224, 615 more than yesterday. There are 488,269 since the start of the pandemic.

the victims in the last 24 hours were 5 (+3 compared to the previous day): the total since the beginning of the pandemic therefore rises to 11,863.

The situation in the Venetian hospitals

The people who needed hospitalization in the last 24 hours due to worsening conditions related to the coronavirus were 328 (-2) of which 269 (-4 compared to 273 the previous day) in the ordinary departments e 59 in intensive care (+2 compared to 57 in yesterday’s bulletin).
The ones who are most under pressure are the Padua hospitals, capital for some time with the highest number of cases: in the hospital 25 hospitalized in ordinary wards (and 11 in intensive care); 14 at Sant’Antonio.
Peak also a Vicenza with 33 Covid patients, of which 3 in intensive care
Parma, Lamorgese directive on no green pass marches: “Balance of rights” / VIDEO

The situation of infections by province

IT’S Padua to continue to be the largest outbreak for the spread of Covid 19.
Padua, no green pass: Saturday rally by car to get around the ban on parades / VIDEO
To the point that the mayor has decided limit the numerous no vax and no green pass parades which have occurred in recent weeks, following the new ministerial guidelines that provide for static parades outside the historic center.
Padua, from parades to static sit-ins outside the historic center: “First right to health”

The new infected in the last 24 hours were 241: currently I am 2.741 the Paduan in solitary confinement for Covid.
Following, by number of infected people who tested positive for swabs, Venice with 198 cases: also in this case the number of Venetians in quarantine is high: 2,128.
With a handful of fewer new cases follow Verona with 190 (1,870 quarantined in the province) e Vicenza with 188 (ben 2.107 in quarantena).
Treviso remains on average with 152 infected and 1,719 people in quarantine.
Finally, even the provinces of Rovigo and Belluno, usually with small numbers, see an increase in the contagion curve: 49 in the Rodigino area (497 people in solitary confinement) e 47 in the Belluno area (358). Outside the region or under assignment 12 cases (and 1,320 in isolation).
Padua, sit-in protest of the police of the Rapid Ward: “Enough processions no green pass”

The anti Covid vaccination campaign in Veneto

Yesterday they were in Veneto vaccinated 13,837 people. The greater number, equal to 8,220, concerned the third doses. 4,489 completed the vaccination cycle. The first doses were less than 10%: 1.128.
The fully immunized population in Veneto, according to the bulletin provided by the Region is al 76,5%, and reaches 76.4% if you count who has taken at least one dose. A trend below the Italian average. The percentage rises to 82.3% if we also count the Venetians vaccinated outside the region.

Gimbe Foundation: worsening in Veneto with + 60% of cases

The analysis of the Gimbe Foundation in the week between 3 and 9 November confirms the worsening of the Covid situation in Veneto, both for the currently positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants (270), and for the increase in new infections, +60,1% compared to the previous week.
Covid Italia, Gimbe: + 38% cases and + 15% hospitalizations in one week

In the hospitals of the region the number of beds in the medical area (4%) and in intensive care (5%) occupied by Covid patients are below the saturation threshold.
The the population that has completed the vaccination cycle, Gimbe notes, is equal to 75.4% (Italian average 76.4%) to which an additional 2.6% (Italian average 2.6%) must be added with the first dose only. There situation of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the week 3-9 November, divided by province, is as follows: Padova 119, Belluno 106, Vicenza 102, Treviso 101, Venice 101, Rovigo 95, Verona 93.

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