Fight against Covid, no vax doctors suspended in Rome – Il Tempo

Fight against Covid, no vax doctors suspended in Rome – Il Tempo
Fight against Covid, no vax doctors suspended in Rome – Il Tempo

Antonio Sbraga

November 11, 2021

The no-vax health workers no longer go to the ward: in fact, the suspensions “for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation” of doctors and nurses by the ASL and the hospitals of Lazio continue. There are 13 new disciplinary measures adopted in recent days, while just yesterday the TAR confirmed the legitimacy of the suspension of the “no-vax” doctor Mariano Amici, rejecting the appeal presented by the white coat of Ardea. Among the new measures, however, there are 12 suspensions (including 10 doctors) and an assignment to another job. Half of the resolutions come from the ASL Roma 4 of Civitavecchia-Bracciano, which suspended 6 female doctors and one doctor until the end of the year because “the conditions do not exist to be able to assign them to even lesser tasks that do not involve interpersonal contacts”.

Requirement, however, identified by the ASL Latina, whose medical commission has “ascertained the temporary exemption” from the vaccine of an employee, proposing “the reallocation to the radiological archive of the Terracina hospital without deduction of salary”. On the other hand, emoluments canceled for another unvaccinated employee “not assignable to another job”. As ascertained for the 3 doctors suspended by ASL Roma 2 and an employee of the Tor Vergata polyclinic (resident in the territory of ASL Roma 5). “The Order of doctors of Rome and its province has so far recorded 40 suspensions, of which 30 are still in force, because 10 colleagues immediately went to vaccinate – quantifies the president, Antonio Magi – At a national level, 1614 doctors are suspended, therefore either Rome is a fairly happy island, or the ASLs are rather lazy in promptly informing us of the suspensions they are gradually deliberating “, complains Magi, who is keen to remember that 46 thousand white coats are registered between the capital and the hinterland. While among nurses, according to the latest data updated at the end of October by the Order of Nursing Professions (Opi) of Rome, active suspensions for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation are 186, out of a total of 35,700 members. And the management of ASL Roma 6 dei Castelli rejoices at the confirmation by the TAR of the «legitimacy of the measure taken by the local health authority against the doctor suspended from his activity and without salary. The administrative judges pointed out that the person concerned “does not produce” the documentation regarding his clinical condition and “does not even prove the possible existence of a cause for exemption from vaccination”.

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Fight Covid vax doctors suspended Rome Tempo

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