No Green pass, there is the close of the Viminale: the Lamorgese circular


Stop the no Green pass parades many Italian squares have already been staged for several months, in a more violent way in recent weeks, starting with the riots in Rome with the assault on the CGIL. With a document sent to all the prefects, the Minister of the Interior Lucina Lamorgese puts a stop to the uncontrolled protests, which have led to various attacks inside and outside the majority regarding the management of public order.

No Green pass, there is the close of the Interior Ministry: check to avoid contagions

The new rules envisaged by the Viminale circular (which had been anticipated here) would first of all have the objective of prevent the demonstrations from turning into contexts of spread of the Covid-19 contagion.

As in the case of Trieste, where marches and sit-ins of the dockers have triggered outbreak by hundreds of positives.

The police will be required to pay more attention in checking compliance with spacing and masks, in consideration of the now constant growth of positives which in the last 24 hours have touched almost 8,000 infections with a doubled positivity rate (1.6%) .

For the entry into force of the new rules it will be necessary to pass the prefectures for the National Committees for Order and Safety.

The first feedback on the application should arrive as early as Saturday when once again the no-Pass people’s processions will be held, as in Torino, from where the demonstration in the center is confirmed through the Telegram channels, “in Piazza Castello as always”.

No Green pass, there is the close of the Viminale: the circular

As stated in the document reported by ‘Ansa’, the prefects will have to identify “specific sensitive urban areas, of particular interest for the orderly development of community life, which may be subject to temporary ban the holding of public demonstrations for the duration of the state of emergency, due to the current pandemic situation “.

According to what was claimed by Minister Lucina Lamorgese “the evolution of the phenomenon related to the protest for the emergency measures dictated by Covid 19” makes “urgent and immediate implementation necessary” stop to the demonstrations in the “sensitive areas” of the cities.

The no vax and no green pass demonstrations, in fact, although “representative of the right to express dissent, are however causing high critical issues in terms of public order and safety, as well as on the free exercise of other rights, also guaranteed, such as, in particularly those relating to the performance of work activities and the mobility of citizens, with particularly negative effects in the current phase of gradual recovery of social and economic activities “.

“The right to demonstrate – says the document signed by Luciana Lamorgese – is constitutionally guaranteed but there is also a balance of rights: it can be demonstrated but rules are needed to protect other citizens, the right to work and the right to health”

No Green pass, there is the close of the Interior Ministry: the rules

The circular sanctions the ban on parades and static demonstrations, near the historical centers and squares which are close to institutional offices but also to commercial activities, to avoid other economic damage already complained by exhibitors in the last fifteen weeks of demonstrations.

In Rome, where most of the protests organized by demonstrators from all over Italy are concentrated, parades near the shopping streets such as Circo Massimo, Piazza Barberini or Piazza Farnese will probably be prevented.

Piazza del Popolo should be totally banned, from where the exponents of Forza Nuova left for the assault on the CGIL.

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Photo source: ANSA

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