Newborn dies at just 9 days, she had contracted Covid from her unvaccinated mother

Newborn dies at just 9 days, she had contracted Covid from her unvaccinated mother
Newborn dies at just 9 days, she had contracted Covid from her unvaccinated mother

In the UK, a baby girl died just 9 days after birth after she contracted the Covid while it was still in the mother’s womb. As reported by Inews, the newborn was born 14 weeks premature, at 26 of gestation, while the mother, the 22-year-old Katie Leeming, had contracted the virus during pregnancy.

The woman, a baker living in Kirkham, near Blackpool, with her partner and her children, four-year-old Alfie and three-year-old Charlie, appears to be convinced that her child could have been saved had she not been forced to give birth in advance because he was very ill. The 22-year-old had chosen not to receive the vaccination for fear of side effects on her unborn child, and her partner had contracted the infection despite having already completed the entire vaccination process. Leeming reportedly felt unsure of the vaccine because not enough tests had been done on pregnant women pregnancy. She would also make this decision after confronting other mothers-to-be. But now he wants to let the world know about the tragedy he experienced, so as to warn people about the danger of Covid.

Covid and premature birth

What worried her further was the fact that her partner, despite having received the two doses of the vaccine, was still infected. The 22-year-old said: “If I didn’t have Covid and I didn’t have such a high fever I honestly don’t think that Ivy-Rose she would be born premature, the pregnancy was going well. People are convinced that children rarely get Covid and that babies are not affected, but our little girl was born positive and was very ill before she died at just 9 days old. Without Covid, I think Ivy-Rose would still be here. I want everyone to know that Covid exists and is dangerous “. In early October, Leeming had started to have the first mild symptoms, very similar to a cold, and had therefore decided to undergo a quick test that turned positive. Confirmation had also come from the molecular swab.

It weighed only 990 grams

In addition to the newborn, the partner and the youngest child also tested positive; from that moment the whole family went into solitary confinement. After about a week, the 22-year-old began to feel worse and worse, and even worse, she no longer felt her baby in her belly. The doctors then decided to admit the expectant mother to a single room at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Unfortunately, however, the fetal monitoring did not show a good heartbeat of the fetus and the medical staff preferred to have the baby born even if 14 weeks early. Ivi-Rose was therefore born on October 13 with a cut cesareo carried out in an emergency. Her weight at birth was only 990 grams. The newborn was immediately transferred to the neonatal unit at Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire, where she suffered a pulmonary haemorrhage and a brain haemorrhage. After 5 days of birth, she also tested positive for Covid. The child’s mother said: “We got a call on the evening of the eighth day saying we had to go to the hospital because they didn’t think Ivy-Rose would be able to make it through the night.” Ivy-Rose died at 1:30 am on October 22nd.

The circular in Italy

As for Italy, last September the Ministry of Health issued a circular in which the vaccine is recommended to pregnant women, but only from second quarter, and also during breastfeeding. As explained in the circular: “Sars-CoV-2 / Covid-19 vaccination, with mRna vaccines, is recommended for pregnant women in the second and third trimester. With regard to the first trimester, vaccination can be considered after evaluating the potential benefits and potential risks with the healthcare professional of reference. The anti Sars-CoV-2 / Covid-19 vaccination is also recommended for breastfeeding women, without the need to stop breastfeeding “. As specified by the ISS, it was also taken into account “Of the new evidence relating to the greater morbidity associated with the Delta variant, the increasing circulation of the same variant and the significant lowering of the median age of infection in Italy”.

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