i no vax will pay for the treatment. In Austria 403 in intensive care

i no vax will pay for the treatment. In Austria 403 in intensive care
i no vax will pay for the treatment. In Austria 403 in intensive care

A Singapore from 8 December, those who by choice have not been vaccinated and will fall ill with Covid will have to pay the medical bills. The local media reported this, citing the NGO Health Minister Ye Kung who spoke of the need to give an “important signal” to the no vax. Medical bills for those ineligible for vaccination, including children under the age of 12, will remain the government’s responsibility.

Currently in the city-state of Singapore, the unvaccinated make up the majority of hospital patients and weigh heavily on national healthcare spending. The government pays the medical bills of all Singaporeans, permanent residents and long-term pass holders, but not for those who fall ill with Covid after returning from a trip abroad.

Until December 31, those who are only partially vaccinated will not be charged for health costs, so that they can complete the vaccination process. Non-vaccinated people will still be able to take advantage of the normal ways of financing health care, where applicable.

WHO: winter will be “hard” in Europe

Europe must expect a “hard” winter due to the increase in Covid infections in various countries: said the regional director of theWorld Health Organization (WHO) Hans Kluge, at a congress in Barcelona, ​​according to reports from Efe. “Our region is now the epicenter” of the pandemic, reiterated Kluge, asking for more vaccinations.

In Switzerland almost 3 thousand infections a day

Contagions growing in Swiss, where in the last 24 hours there have been 2,986 new cases, seven deaths and 64 hospitalizations. Last Tuesday the infections were 1,949. There have been a total of 28,924 new cases in recent weeks. The incidence of cases over 14 days is 332.41 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In the last 24 hours, the results of 28,468 tests were transmitted, with a positive rate of 10.49%. A special week of initiatives to promote vaccination has been underway in Switzerland since yesterday. At the moment only 64.38% of the population received two doses.

Austria, +86 in intensive care in one week

In Austria there is an increase in the number of people admitted to intensive care, which to date are 403 (+86 compared to seven days ago). The 2G rule has been in force since yesterday, i.e. being vaccinated or cured in the last six months. At work the 3G rule still applies, which provides for rapid and molecular swabs. Today the bulletin reports 7,712 new cases in 24 hours: a slightly lower figure than last weekend but still high.

There is no more room in the Bucharest morgue

The morgue of the main hospital in Bucharest, in Romania, has no more room for the dead. The bodies of the victims of Covid-19, wrapped in black plastic bags, were piled in the corridors. While normally about 10 deaths arrive a day, yesterday 26 arrived, of which 14 were victims of Covid. Staff said they were devastated that the victims included 20-year-olds.

Among the countries most affected by the current wave of infections raging in central and eastern Europe, Romania has hundreds of deaths a day with a death rate from Covid among the highest in Europe. Doctors are overworked and exhausted. Only 40% of the population is fully vaccinated: a figure well below the European Union average (75%).

The latest tightening of restrictive measures has led to a slight decrease in infections and deaths – today’s bulletin records 487 deaths – but the numbers are still very worrying.

In Britain the smallest victim of Covid: a premature baby

A baby girl of just 9 days, born 14 weeks premature in England to an unvaccinated mother, has become one of the youngest victims of the pandemic in the UK. The tragedy occurred a few days ago and is today on the pages of various British newspapers: the little girl, Ivy-Rose, had been tested positive for coronavirus after coming to light, and unfortunately she did not make it.

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