new cases at an all-time high –

new cases at an all-time high –
new cases at an all-time high –
from Irene Soave

One in three Germans is not immunized, but the increase in tampons is also counting. In Austria boom of first doses after the new restrictions aimed only at those who are not vaccinated

The German case worries Europe. The state of emergency will end on November 25; but the acute emergency in Germany, and the rate of new infections the highest since the beginning of the pandemic, in the middle of the fourth wave
that crosses Europe

. They get sick with Covid-19 every day, that is, 210 Germans out of 100 thousand. The worst figure so far was last December, 197 out of 100 thousand, but from July 2021 onwards the curve has never stopped rising. Yesterday new cases in 24 hours were 26,357, an all-time high; and 118 dead in 24 hours. To date, 4.8 million Germans have had Covid, ie 5.7% of the population; 4.4 million are healed; 96 thousand died.

The figures of the Robert Koch Institut can be read in context. in the meantime there is more collision than before. This summer they went into effect the green pass and the 3G rule – yes it must be vaccinated, recovered O tested, vaccinated, cured or buffered, for any public occasion – e unvaccinated people need to test themselves more often, uncovering more cases. This even though, to incentivize the vaccine, a tightening was imposed on free tampons.

The unvaccinated are almost a third of the Germans. For comparison, in Italy 77% of the population (and 86.6% of those over 12) received a dose; in Germany 69%. The map of vaccine resistant Lnder overlaps with that of the areas with the highest RT: Saxony, Thuringia (both in the East) and Bavaria have more cases, and fewer vaccinated. The extreme example is Saxony, where only 59% received a dose and 2,400 cases per day are traveled.

The state of emergency, which allows restrictions to be applied to common life, will end in two weeks; to restore it Parliament should vote, but for now it is up to the outgoing Minister of Health Spahn – already struggling with a new overcrowding in intensive care units – to order that the third dose of the vaccine is offered to all. And on Monday, the three parties that are forming the government will present proposals for the fourth wave to Parliament.

The fourth wave is spoken of throughout Europe. In Austria, after the announcement of the lockdown imposed on the unvaccinated, 213,000 people ran to get vaccinated in a week, the maximum since August. And in Denmark, where there have been no restrictions for two months, Prime Minister Mette Federiksen has announced his return. The rest of Europe is watching: is the German resurgence just a hint of the near future elsewhere? Hard to say. It can help to read the curves of the last few months. The EU average of new cases, for example, it has a very similar trend to the German one; for example, they are quite different the Italian and Spanish curve, with less abrupt swings now, and frightening peaks behind.

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