LIVE COVID-19 – 10,926 currently positive in Lazio. Sileri: “Third dose for a peaceful Christmas”. GB, travel restrictions for those who refuse third dose. Germany, weekly incidence never higher since the beginning of the pandemic

I am 5.822 the new infections of COVID-19 in Italy (6,764 yesterday), compared to 434.771 daily swabs carried out. The percentage of positives considering the total of the swabs is at1,3%. I am 26 the victims registered in one day, with a recalculation of the Sicily Region. Intensive care is 398 (+6), with 26 new entries in the last 24 hours. As usual, will provide you with the latest LIVE news about it.

16:37 – “I will shortly meet Minister Speranza and the Scientific Committee to dissolve the reservations on a further lowering, obviously based on scientific evidence, of the age at which to administer the third doses. Piedmont started very quickly. We must continue on this path” . The general said so Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, in Turin after having participated together with the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, in the weekly meeting of the Dirimei on the Covid emergency.

16:10 – I am 10.926 people currently positive for Covid-19 in Lazio, of which 510 hospitalized, 61 in intensive care and 10,355 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 380,003 have been healed and 8,839 have died, out of a total of 399,768 cases examined, according to the updated bulletin of the Lazio Region.

15:42 – The Spallanzani bulletin: 90 hospitalized, 13 in intensive care.

15:19 – In the Republic of San Marino there are 67 total cases of Covid. This was announced by the San Marino Social Security Institute. Four people are admitted to the state hospital, one of whom is in intensive care. The total number of vaccinations registered on the Titan from the start of the campaign until yesterday is 48,253, of which 23,106 people vaccinated with the first dose and 25,060 with the second dose or with the single dose while 87 received the booster dose.

14:35 – I am 30 the new cases of Coronavirus in Sardinia, on the basis of 783 people tested and 3,553 processed swabs between molecular and antigenic. There are no new deaths. There are 6 patients admitted to intensive care units, while 49 (+3) are in the medical area. There are 1,491 people in home isolation, 12 more than yesterday.

14:00 – “One aspect of the Green pass is paradoxical: those who criticize the Green pass today do not realize that the Green pass actually protects those who have not been vaccinated”. The Undersecretary of Health, Andrea said Costa, on the sidelines of the celebratory event of the hundred years of Assosementi underway in Bologna. “By giving the possibility of obtaining it even to the unvaccinated through the swab – underlines Costa – in fact we give the possibility to those who have not been vaccinated to be able to take advantage of the various freedoms that in the meantime have been granted in our country”.

13:30 – The Accademia della Crusca rejects the use of the English term “booster” (with the meaning of a dose of vaccine that increases and renews the effects of a previous inoculation) instead of the very Italian “booster” to indicate the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine. It seems “useless and incomprehensible” the use of “boosters” if addressed to the general public. This was stated by the Incipit Group of the Accademia della Crusca with a statement released today entitled “A ‘booster’ to accelerate the abandonment of Italian?” According to the president of the Accademia della Crusca, Claudio Marazzini, professor emeritus of the History of the Italian language at the University of Eastern Piedmont, “the indiscriminate and uncritical diffusion, through the media, of the term ‘booster’ alone, without the Italian equivalent, even though it exists, it shows that once again a good opportunity has been lost to help Italians to easily understand what is being proposed to them, fighting better, thanks to what is already linguistically well known, any fears or resistances. The term ‘booster’ therefore represents first of all an error in social communication “.

13:00 – The Covid positives recorded by the Asl Rm 3 sul the municipal area of ​​Fiumicino. The upward trend of infections that has been going on for several days therefore continues. Of the 154, the majority are women, as many as 91, 63 men, with an average age of 38. 56% of cases concern the localities of Isola Sacra and Fiumicino, 12% Fregene, 6% both Parco Leonardo and Maccarese. The mayor of Fiumicino Esterino Montino recalls “that from today the new protocols for the management of positives in the classroom are being launched in schools, with the aim of maintaining the lessons in presence as much as possible. According to the new rules, in fact, the quarantine will be triggered only if at least 3 cases occur in the same class “.

12:30 – The United States has ended the closure of land and air boundaries decreed in March 2020, but only for those who have completed the vaccination cycle. From 8 November, immunized foreign travelers arriving from countries hitherto subject to travel restrictions due to the pandemic can also access.

12:00 – The UK government is considering introducing travel restrictions for people who refuse the third dose of Covid vaccine. This is what we read on the Guardian website, which cites sources from Downing Street. In particular, a possible modification of the rules on travel abroad is examined: those who have been offered the booster against the coronavirus but have declined would be called to undergo quarantine and swab if they intend to leave. The introduction of the change would not be imminent, even in the face of a campaign for the third dose in the Kingdom that has accelerated in recent days, but the Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, has been very frank about it: he urged citizens to accept the offer of reminders, speaking of a “national mission” to help the country “avoid the return to restrictions and enjoy Christmas”.

11:30 – Sileri: “Third dose for a peaceful Christmas”. The Undersecretary of Health reported this in an interview granted to “Corriere della Sera”. “I expect the numbers of the infection to increase, but not those of the hospitalized. The unvaccinated will end up in the hospital. Of course, unless there are variants that are not yet known to us and with unpredictable outcomes. And as long as citizens are given the third dose, ”said Sileri.

10:52 – School between the desks, with the appropriate precautions, is good for children and overcomes the risks associated with COVID-19. This was supported by a group of researchers led by scholar Shamez N. Ladhani and the sKIDs survey team in a prospective study published by the American Association For The Advancement Of Science (AAAS).

10:35 – “In the malaise against the green pass I do not see a catalyst for a broader protest. Those who suffer today for economic reasons or for precariousness or exclusion I think are more interested in restarting. I think that the protest of the no Green pass should be taken on serious, taken seriously means not to go along with it but to try to understand the reasons. Any form of criminalization I believe would be wrong “. This was stated by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando.

10:08 – The increase in the incidence rate of Coronavirus infection cases will force the pupils of 39 departments of the France where the obligation had been lifted to return to class with masks. The government spokesman had announced the decision Gabriel Attal, explaining that the obligation concerns “the departments where the incidence rate has returned to above 50 per 100 thousand inhabitants”. The 39 departments add up to the 22 in which the obligation had not been lifted.

09:40 – “We are five to six thousand cases and growth is advancing with a much lower exponentiality than in autumn 2020, we are light years away from those numbers. But there are two actions to be taken absolutely so that the situation improves further and I hope definitively”. He says so, in an interview with Libero Francesco Vaia, director of Spallanzani in Rome. “The first – he continues – is the expansion of the vaccination obligation to all categories of workers who have relations with the public. Not only doctors, professors and those who work in catering, but also those who work in large and small distribution, you journalists , those who drive buses or play politics. The second proposal concerns communication. We live in a paradox: people want to understand but they don’t explain themselves, thus playing the no vax game, because where there is bad communication, confusion arises first and then the suspects; finally, the conspiracy theories. We are throwing the child away with the bathwater, giving the feeling that those who impose the Green pass are not doing it to encourage vaccination and therefore secure the country but to chase political and industrial interests . The government should work to do a very strong persuasion towards the pharmaceutical companies to update the vaccines and structure them on the new variants. ini and say it, just give the feeling that we vaccinate to dispose of the stocks. I know this is not the case but this unpleasant sensation is often felt. It is useless to chase after a herd immunity that will never exist, in an obsessive search for numerical performance. It doesn’t matter how many citizens have been inoculated but how many are really protected. To say that 90% of people are vaccinated means nothing, it’s like mixing pears with apples: vaccinated with what, when, how many times? “

09:23 – The health authorities Japanese they did not record any deaths from COVID-19 yesterday, for the first time since August 2 last year, 15 months ago. The announcement came as the country eases restrictions for those coming from outside: starting today, those entering Japan for a short business visit will not have to observe a ten-day quarantine, but only three. The same will apply to residents returning from business trips abroad. According to data provided by the Tokyo government, 73% of the population of 126 million inhabitants is completely immunized. The number of daily infections recorded yesterday was 162, serious cases were stable compared to the previous day, around a hundred. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 18,306 people have died of COVID-19 in Japan, according to data reported by Johns Hopkins University.

09:00 – I am 90,897,991 doses of vaccine administered in Italy, 91.1% of the total of those delivered, amounting to 99,797,303 so far (in detail 71,173,035 Pfizer / BioNTech, 15,233,690 Moderna, 11,544,551 Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca and 1,846,027 Janssen). This is what we read in the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06:14 today. The people who received the third additional dose were 344,787, 39.03% of the population potentially subject to the additional dose, while those who received the booster dose are 1,819,261, 35.46% of the population subject to the booster dose who has completed the vaccination cycle for at least six months. People who have had at least one dose are 46,742,826, 86.54% of the over 12 population while those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 45,134,069, 83.57% of the over 12 population.

08:40 – The weekly incidence of confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection per 100 thousand inhabitants reached 201.1 in Germany, the highest since the beginning of the pandemic. The figure comes today from the Robert Koch Institut: Thursday the recorded incidence was 154.5 cases, a week earlier than 130.2. The previous peak was reached on December 22, 2020, at the height of the second wave of Coronavirus, with 197.6 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants over seven days.

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