Compulsory vaccines, the real goal of the permanent Green Pass

For what purpose? To make the vaccine mandatory every year. Yes, because if only 10% of the Italian and European population are vaccinated with the flu, with the anti Covid vaccines – so to speak – the Green pass vaccines will in fact become mandatory for everyone, with an annual turnover of several dozen. billions per year; and forever. Not bad.

The most important basin for pharmaceutical companies to conquer from this refined and subtle commercial strategy is Europe. Yes, because China has its vaccine, Russia as well, while India and Africa will be the land of conquest of the “philanthropists” who, with the money of international organizations, will impose them for charity. On the other hand, Europe does not, it pays handsomely with the European Community’s money of billions.

So come on. To impose the third dose it will be said that the cases increase, even if it is all to be demonstrated but all the media will say so, and then after Christmas there will be the fourth dose, and then finally next year the vaccine with the annual booster. And if you don’t do it, nothing Green pass.

And so the new social truncheon is ready, a moment and everyone will have to have it. Like the old bread tile. And those who cannot have it will in fact be marginalized with a Daspo due to lack of compulsory health treatment. Stefano Puzzer docet.

Then let’s do this. As for the vaccine, I think that everyone must in conscience be able to regulate themselves as they see fit, with great mutual respect. While for the compulsory Green Pass I think it is necessary that from now on free men must rebel against the idea of ​​the deprivation of their civil liberty due to the greed for profit of a few self-styled benefactors of public health. How disgusting.


Compulsory vaccines real goal permanent Green Pass

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