Covid case management, indications arrive at schools

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Covid raises its head and almost two months after the start of the school, news of closures arrives from the regions. The last is the case of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region where the incidence of cases on the population is highest, and which has over a thousand people quarantined in schools, including students and teachers, in the last week of October: effect of the positivity of 154 people . But now the new rules on the management of positives, developed by ISS and the government, are taking off throughout Italy, with the aim of keeping the lessons in attendance as long as possible, and avoiding Dad.

The circular

the Ministry of Education together with Health have, in fact, sent the schools the protocol with the new indications – according to which the quarantine is triggered automatically only on the basis of a small outbreak with three cases in a class – accompanied by a circular with the technical explanations for the principals. It is the response to the protests of recent days for the too many responsibilities placed on schools, according to the unions.

Standardized procedure

There will be a “standardized” procedure, it is specified in the circular, which “does not involve any discretionary health assessment”. Only partially satisfied the president of the Principals Association (NPC), Antonello Gianelli, among the first to raise objections: “We take note of the operational support provided” for “obligations that, we reiterate, do not fall within the prerogatives of school managers” and the ministry ” he cannot limit himself to providing information and continue to be unaware of the gravity of the situation. School managers continue to guarantee the exercise of the right to education despite having inadequate human resources in terms of numbers and, often, professional training ».

The new anti Dad rules

The new protocol provides for measures – the responsibility of the health authority – which differ according to the age group of the pupils and the vaccination status. In the presence of a positive case, the classmates will take a test as soon as possible, called “T0”, and if the result is negative, they can go back to school, and then one after 5 days; in the case of two positives, the vaccinated or negativized in the last six months will carry out the surveillance with testing, the unvaccinated quarantine; in the case of three positives, the whole class will be quarantined. An even different case is that of childcare services: for the little ones there is an immediate test and a ten-day quarantine, at the end of which they will have to carry out a test; for their teachers the evaluation is in charge of the health authorities, it depends on the time spent in the room and on direct contact with the positive case. The principal suspends lessons “exceptionally and urgently” in the event that the health authorities “are unable to intervene promptly”. But it will act on the basis of a series of predetermined indications, dictated by today’s circular: it informs the ASL, identifies the “school contacts” and temporarily suspends lessons for them, “transmits the standardized indications previously prepared by the DdP to school contacts” and ” reports the school contacts identified to the DdP ”. The data on the vaccinated are not available to the school and “therefore should not be treated”.

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