Filippo Pozzato hospitalized for Covid in Vicenza

Filippo Pozzato hospitalized for Covid in Vicenza
Filippo Pozzato hospitalized for Covid in Vicenza

The Vicenza, winner of the 2006 Sanremo and now organizer: “I thought that with my strong body nothing would happen to me. You hear that Covid is nothing, but it’s not true, I couldn’t stand up. And now I’m attached to oxygen “

He answers from his room in the San Bortolo hospital in Vicenza, pneumology department. Filippo Pozzato has Covid and speaks while breathing with oxygen. “I don’t have a mask yet, but if I get worse they put it on”.
Immediately after the organization of the four October races, including the new gravel, Pippo had decided to get vaccinated: “The appointment was for 25 October. Why hadn’t I been vaccinated before? Because I have always felt strong, I have been among people who had done Covid and nothing had ever happened to me, and because I was always at full speed with racing, and I had decided to do it later. I was a cogl …., and I took a good beating “.


Pozzato continues to tell: “On 23 October I started to feel bad. A few lines of fever all day, 37 and a half, then 38. I swab immediately, it’s Covid. Then I was 39 and a half for almost ten days, I was dead. Three days ago my fever went away, but my oxygen saturation plummeted, I went down to 87, then 86, I had oxygen tanks at home, it went to 83, I couldn’t even stand up and they brought here. I have severe pneumonia. Look who says that Covid looks like bullshit …, but when you take it you understand that it is not at all. I’ve always been healthy, I’ve never taken anything, but Covid threw me to the ground. I am attached to oxygen to open my bronchi, but if I get worse they wear a mask. I brought three books, I read, sleep, watch television. Luckily I have two guys on my team who know everything and replace me ”. Come on Pippo, we’re with you.

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Filippo Pozzato hospitalized Covid Vicenza

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