Covid, almost 200 deaths in Germany in 24 hours. “We evaluate restrictions for the unvaccinated”

Covid, almost 200 deaths in Germany in 24 hours. “We evaluate restrictions for the unvaccinated”
Covid, almost 200 deaths in Germany in 24 hours. “We evaluate restrictions for the unvaccinated”

Rome, 3 November 2021 – The victims per Covid around the world: in Germany today there have been almost 200 deaths, in UK 217. And in theEastern Europe one is in place massacre continues. In Russia a new record of victims was reported, which updates the already dramatic one of yesterday, in Ukraine the daily deaths are more than 700, an even more worrying number for a country of “only” 44 million inhabitants, and in Poland the infections have risen and have reached the numbers of April. Boom of new cases was recorded in Croatia, Slovenia e Netherlands.

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According to the data ofWorld Health Organization in the last seven days, from 25 to 31 October, 3,021,634 new infections were recorded worldwide e 50,477 dead related to Covid (+ 8% compared to last week). As regards infections, the greatest number was reported in the United States (528,455), followed by the United Kingdom (285,028), Russia (272,147), Turkey (182,027) and Ukraine (152,897). Since the beginning of the pandemic, over 246 million positives have been confirmed and almost 5 million and deaths.

WHO has also granted emergency use approval for the Covaxin Covid vaccine of the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech. The serum, 78% effective, is recommended for all age groups from 18 years. The Indian vaccine requires two doses four weeks apart, but is “particularly suited to Low and middle income countries because of the ease with which it can be stored “.

“In one day I’m back beyond 100 dead. The numbers are worrying “, said Lothar Wieler, president of the German institute Robert Koch, at a press conference in Berlin.” fourth wave it develops exactly as we imagined precisely because many have not been vaccinated, “he added. In the last 24 hours they have registered 194 deaths with and for Covid, a week ago there were 114. Germany wants speed up on vaccine boosters with the third dose, Health Minister Jens Spahn said, taking Israel as a model, “which managed to lower the benefit curve thanks to the third dose”. Spahn reiterated that “the fourth wave is raging with full force, we are at the pandemic of the unvaccinated”. The numbers seem to be allure: “in some regions of the country the intensive care places are again almost inadequate”, said the minister again.

And it is for this reason that he did not rule out the introduction of further restrictions, ma only for those who have not been vaccinated. Translated: stricter controls and a greater number of places or events that can only be accessed by the vaccinated. “This has nothing to do with ‘vaccine bullying’, it’s about trying to avoid overloading the health system,” Spahn said. In various German landers, stricter regulations have already been enacted: for example, in Baden-Wurttemberg a system has been introduced in which restrictions are automatically triggered when certain thresholds of infections and admissions to intensive care are exceeded, while in Bavaria from 8 November it returns to the obligation to wear masks in schools.

It is the blackest day in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic: in the last 24 hours they have been 1,189 deaths for Covid. A new dramatic record which corrects the one touched yesterday and brings the total number of victims to 242,060. On the other hand, there were 40,443 new infections, for a total of over 8.6 million cases. The largest number of cases, 6,827, was recorded in fly, followed by 3,269 in St. Petersburg. And Putin runs for cover: the Russian president – according to what was said by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoted by Ria Novosti – has instructed Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to continue to build military hospitals in troubled regions. “Military doctors have already been deployed in several regions and the president has ordered to continue building such hospitals,” Peskov told reporters.

L’Ukraine, a country where 44.3 million people live, continues to be one of the current global outbreaks of Covid. According to data released on Facebook by the local health ministry in the last 24 hours in the country are another 720 people died, for a total now reached 69,447 victims. The new cases discovered are instead 23,393, an increase compared to the previous day, among which are included 1,406 children and 421 doctors.

The dramatic situation in the country does not stop them protest no vax: protesters took to the streets in Kiev after the government’s decision suspend the salary to government employees, including teachers, if they refuse to be vaccinated by 8 November. Among the measures taken by the government to try to stop the pandemic there is also the obligation to show a negative test or vaccination to get on planes, trains and buses long distance. “The people who gathered today and who appeal not to get vaccinated, in my opinion make fun of our doctors and our families, who, unfortunately, have lost their relatives to the Coronavirus – said the Ukrainian Minister of Health. Viktor Lyashko at a televised press conference – trust me, this anti-vaccination spirit it quickly disappears in intensive care units and fake certificates don’t work. ”

In the last 24 hours they have been recorded in Great Britain 41,299 new infections e 217 deaths. Contagions therefore rise, while deaths decrease: yesterday’s bulletin reported 33,865 positive cases and 293 deaths. ”The Christmas it could be problematic” – the British government consultant and British Deputy Head of Health, Jonathan Van-Tam told the BBC. To avoid a new lockdown, according to Van-Tam it is necessary to show “caution during the winter months, but in particular in the next two months”.

The Poland has recorded more than 10,400 new cases of Covid in the past 24 hours, with a 24% increase over last week. The government spokesman Piotr Muller made it known to Radio Plus. The last time more than ten thousand infections were identified in Poland in one day was at end of April.

New record of infections in Slovenia: in the last 24 hours the cases of Coronavirus have been 3,456, the highest number in one day since the start of the pandemic. Even if the percentage compared to the number of tests performed is lower than in the previous days – equal to 45% are 7,722 test – the figures remain high, as well as the number of deaths, 18 those recorded since yesterday. Concern for the management of terapie intensive: of the 191 beds available for Covid patients, 159 are occupied and the youngest of the hospitalized is 21 years old. Covid resuscitation manager Robert Carotta warned that Slovenia may be forced to send some patients abroad for treatment, also due to a shortage of staff.

With 4,573 new cases and 41 deaths in the last 24 hours the Croatia record the negative record daily of the fourth wave of the pandemic and is approaching the numbers that in December 2020 marked the peak of the pandemic. Despite the worsening health situation, the government has ruled out any kind of lockdown or new restrictions and the country remains among the most open in Europe (the green pass is required only for healthcare personnel and for employees of retirement homes for the elderly), but also among those with lower vaccination rate on the continent. Just 56% of adults have completed the vaccination cycle, equal to 47% of the entire population of four million inhabitants. However, the strong growth in new cases has led many to decide to get vaccinated and in recent days there are again very long lines at vaccination points in all the major cities.

Over 9,100 new infections have been discovered in Netherlands between yesterday and today. This is the highest number in 24 hours from 18 July. In the last 24 hours there have also been 33 deaths, the highest figure since May.

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