The alarm in China for the new Delta variant outbreaks

There is alarm in China for the new Delta variant outbreaks. The Ministry of Commerce has created havoc on the web for an appeal to families to stock up on some essential goods for winter and spring. Followed by a reminder to local authorities to protect the safety of food supplies. The statement ignited online discussions and fueled various theories amid fears of a widening coronavirus epidemic, an anticipated cold spell or even increased tensions with Taiwan.

The appeal launched to the population

In response to the wave of panic, the Economic Daily, a newspaper supported by the Communist Party of China, urged netizens not to go too far with the imagination, giving an authentic interpretation of the directive according to which the purpose was only to ” making sure citizens were not caught off guard in the event of a blockade “of their area. The appeal launched to the population would therefore seem to be mainly linked to the risk of a new Covid emergency and to the zero tolerance policy adopted by Beijing.

Mass buffers and canceled flights

As shown by the mass swabs taken on 33,000 people at DisneyLand in Shanghai, which closed after a single infection. Or the operation on the fast train headed to Shanghai and forced to stop last week, evacuate all the more than 200 passengers on board and transfer them to Covid centers after, even in that case, only one suspected case of contagion. The capital, meanwhile, has halved its flights as part of the close against the Delta variant outbreaks, less than 100 days before the Winter Olympics. As evidenced by the VariFlight aerial monitoring site: a thousand flights, about half of those to and from the two airports of the city (Capital and Daxing), have been canceled.

Third dose of vaccine

The local health commission, urging the third dose of the vaccine and asking not to leave the city except in “absolutely necessary” cases, made it clear that residents who went on business or leisure trips to areas with confirmed cases should “postpone” the return, causing discontent on the web. Beijing has reported four new infections, all in a family from Tiantongyuan, in the Changping district. Consequently, the area has been labeled as ‘medium risk’ with the closure of nearly twenty schools and tests for approximately 142,700 residents.

Delta variant outbreaks

During a video meeting Monday evening, Cai Qi, the powerful head of the Communist Party of Beijing, said the city had reported a new outbreak of family groups, urging officials to immediately take action to break the chain of transmission, the Global Times. At the national level, the cases ascertained yesterday were 71, of which 54 related to internal transmission. Few in relation to other countries, too many for zero tolerance.

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