Coronavirus, surge in infections in the Netherlands: Prime Minister Rutte again introduces anti-Covid restrictions

The Netherlands has decided to reintroduce a series of restrictive measures against Coronavirus infection due to a sharp increase in positive cases in the country. This was announced by Prime Minister Mark Rutte at a press conference. The executive will ask who is in a position to do it, to work from home and to do it more often. In addition to this, the Dutch government will demand wider use of the Pass (as for museums and outside of bars and restaurants), currently used only to access bars and restaurants, unlike in our country where the Green pass must also be shown to go to work. Among the measures announced there is also the return to social distancing, one and a half meters, in addition to the mandatory masks in railway stations, museums, universities and for those who work in contact with customers, such as hairdressers. The new cases of contagion in the Netherlands have increased significantly since the government removed the measure of social distancing and masks. The result? Despite 84 per cent of the adult population being vaccinated, a record positive increase of 450 per cent has been recorded on a weekly basis. From today to November 12, the Dutch government will monitor the numbers of new hospitalizations and intensive care and then decide whether to apply new restrictions.

Archive cover photo: EPA / RAMON VAN FLYMEN

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Coronavirus surge infections Netherlands Prime Minister Rutte introduces antiCovid restrictions

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