Drama in flight, found dead on the plane: it was positive for Covid

A Covid positive passenger was found dead on board a plane. Flight attendants thought he was sleeping


Drama aboard a Pegasus airline flight: a 51-year-old German man died on board the plane coming from Turkey and bound for Germany. The 51-year-old tested positive for coronavirus following a swab. Flight attendants find him lifeless as passengers disembark.

Only when the other passengers left the plane did the flight attendants realize that the man he wasn’t sleeping but he was dead.

According to what was reported by the ANP agency, to ascertain the positivity of the German citizen who died on board the Pegasus flight was a coroner, who spoke of him as one of the patients defined as “at risk”.

The man was traveling alone and was sitting by the window on the flight from Istanbul, Turkey, to Hamburg, Germany, landed last Wednesday around 13:00.

“The man he was traveling alone, had a window seat, ”the police spokesman said, as reported by Spiegel. The passenger, according to the spokesman’s words, had his head bowed and his eyes closed. Because of this, his death was not going to be noticed on the trip and everyone thought he was sleeping.

Virgil News | 02-11-2021 15:49

Photo source: ANSA

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Drama flight dead plane positive Covid

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