Covid data today in Italy. Contagions, hospitalizations and intensive care on November 1st

Covid data today in Italy. Contagions, hospitalizations and intensive care on November 1st
Covid data today in Italy. Contagions, hospitalizations and intensive care on November 1st

Rome, 1 November 2021 – Net growth in new hospitalizations from Covid in Italy. It is the most salient data of the bulletin of today by the ministry of health e Civil protection (under all data). I new cases today there are 2,818, yesterday they were 4,526. Instead, there are 20 victims in one day (yesterday 26). Numbers, these, are decreasing as we expect after every weekend when the accounting of the epidemic slows down. The eyes, however, are focused on hospital pressure. In fact, the number of patients who are in is growing intensive care (+22). And above all, the hospitalizations ordinary (+109). On also the rate of positivity.

How much infections are growing in Italy

The curve of the infections in Italy has returned to rise in the last few days. And also that of hospitalizations. According to the analysis of the physicist Giorgio Sestili, founder of the Facebook page ‘Coronavirus-Scientific data and analysis’ i casi on Coronavirus are doubling in Italy at intervals of about three weeks, with one exponential growth that proceeds slowly, with a pace comparable to that recorded between the end of September and the beginning of October 2020.

On a world level, the threshold of 5 million dead, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Extension of the state of emergency. Hope: “We evaluate”


I am 2,818 the positives the Covid tests identified in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health, yesterday had been 4,526. I am instead 20 victims in one day (yesterday 26). Here swabs are 148,725 (yesterday 350,170) for one rate of positivity rising all’1,9% (+ 0.6%). On the other hand, the number of dead: today 20 against 26 yesterday for a total, since the beginning of the pandemic, of 132,120 victims. The number of patients they are in is growing intensive care, +22 (yesterday -4). Now there are 364 in all with 33 daily admissions and the number admitted to the hospital continues to increase ordinary departments: +109 against the +47 of yesterday for a total of 2,863 units.

Below is the table with all data region by region.

Intensive care, in the Marche the worst figure in Italy

The regions / Lazio

“Today in Lazio on 6,145 molecular swabs and 7,374 antigenic swabs for a total of 13,519 swabs, 445 new positive cases are registered, 3 deaths, 407 hospitalized (+19), 57 intensive care (+5) and 209 cured “. This was announced by the Lazio Region Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato who adds:” The relationship between positive and buffers is 3.2%. The cases in Rome city are at 219 “.

I am 407 new cases identified in Emilia Romagna in the last 24 hours on the basis of almost 11 thousand swabs performed. On the other hand, there are no deaths. Just under half of the new cases (179) are asymptomatic. The number of active cases remains around 7,500, with 95.5% in home isolation because they do not require special care. Patients admitted to intensive care are 30 (two more than yesterday), those in the other Covid 309 departments (always two more). In absolute terms, the province with the highest number of infections is Bologna with 97 cases, 39 of which in the Imola area, followed by Modena (84), Reggio Emilia and Forlì-Cesena (47).

I am 362 the new cases of Covid register in Veneto in the last few hours compared to 5,820 molecular swabs and 6,219 antigenic swabs. The dead are 4.

I am 354 the new cases of Covid in Campania on 8,585 swabs analyzed. The data relates to yesterday. No new deaths are recorded in the bulletin released today by the regional crisis unit. In Campania there are 19 Covid patients hospitalized in intensive care, 259 Covid patients hospitalized in hospital wards.

“The new cases registered in Tuscany I’m 204 are 10,810 test of which 4,424 molecular swabs and 6,386 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 1.89% (5.1% on the first diagnoses) “. These are the numbers reported by the president of the region, Eugenio Giani. There are 4 deaths.

In Sicily today 295 new Covid positives and two deaths.

With 29,319 carried swabs are 186 the new cases in Lombardy, with the rate of positivity a slight increase to 0.6% (yesterday 0.5%). Stable the hospitalized in intensive care (45), while they drop in the other departments (-6, 288). There are 3 deaths for a total of 34,162 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Today in Puglia register 95 new infections (1.3% of 7,469 tests) and no deaths. The majority of cases were identified in the provinces of Bari (27) and Foggia (44). Followed by Lecce (13 cases), Taranto (8), Brindisi (2), Barletta-Andria-Trani (1 case). Of the 3,125 people currently positive 139 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 17 in intensive care.

Covid hospitalized on the rise in Piedmont: in intensive care there are 21 (+2 compared to yesterday), in the other wards 188 (+10). The bulletin of the Crisis Unit of the Region also reports a death, relative to previous days, with the total number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic increased to 11,814. There are 88 new positive cases, with a share of 0.5% compared to the swabs analyzed, of which 65 after a rapid test. In total, the diagnostic tests in the last 24 hours in Piedmont are 18,680, of which 16,935 are antigenic. The share of asymptomatic positives is 73.9%, people in home isolation 4,050, the newly recovered 78,

In Friuli Venezia Giulia 72 new cases in the last 24 hours. Today there are no deaths; 18 people are hospitalized in intensive care while 75 patients are hospitalized in other departments. “The increase in new cases in Trieste is exponential”, said the head of the regional health task force, Fabio Barbone, in a press conference with the leaders of the Region. “You go up very quickly and go down very slowly” ». In the last week in the “province of Trieste they registered 801 new cases, double the previous week. “This” led to an infection rate of 350 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days, just under triple that of the rest of the region. The incidence data takes us back to spring 2021 and autumn 2020 “. Now,” the variable time is fundamental “. In Trieste and” the largest outbreak in the region is highlighted: 93 subjects, participants in no green pass events“.

No Green pass, Trieste prohibits protests in Piazza Unità d’Italia

In Calabria 56 infections and 2 deaths were recorded. There are 49 new cases in South Tyrol, 33 in Abruzzo, 13 in Umbria. In Sardinia 21 cases and one death. In Basilicata 7 new cases and no deaths. In Molise a contagion. There are no cases in Valle d’Aosta.

Worse and worse in Russia

Abroad, the situation has worsened in many countries, particularly in those with a low percentage of the vaccinated population. For the third consecutive day, the Russia he recorded over 40 thousand new cases of Covid: the figure for the last 24 hours is 40,402 after yesterday it had reached 40,993. There are 1,155 new deaths. The incidence is increasing in all regions, the health authorities say: most of the cases were detected in Moscow (7,103) and St. Petersburg (3,250). Meanwhile, the data on excess deaths in the country, from the beginning of the pandemic until the end of September 2021, has shot up to 723mila, not to mention October, the month in which the latest wave was particularly aggressive.

Germany, the incidence rises again

Cases continue to grow in Germany. Today’s bulletin reports 9,658 new infections and 23 deaths. The incidence, calculated over seven days, has now risen to 154.8 cases per 10 thousand inhabitants, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute. Yesterday the incidence was 149.4 and a week ago 110.1.

Australia reopens its borders

It definitely goes better in Australia, that has its borders reopened today after nearly 600 days of closure due to Covid, and at Sydney airport, many friends and family have been able to hug again for the first time in 19 months. On March 20, 2020, the continent had ordered one of the most severe border closures in the world to protect itself from the Covid-19 pandemic. Tens of thousands of Australians living overseas have been unable to return home for over a year and a half with very few exceptions, conditioned by an expensive 14-day hotel quarantine.

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