Covid, Israeli study: vaccine protection drops after 6 months

Covid, Israeli study: vaccine protection drops after 6 months
Covid, Israeli study: vaccine protection drops after 6 months

The Israeli study


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Israel was the first country in the world to launch a massive anti-Covid vaccination campaign. Despite the high rates of vaccination coverage, since last June the cases of Covid-19 in the country have started to grow again in parallel with the spread of the Delta variant. This increase has led the government to indicate the administration of the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine as early as the summer months. In the course of the new study, Covid-19 infections recorded during the summer peak were analyzed, analyzing data from 5 million subjects who had received two doses of the vaccine before the summer.

The results

The analysis revealed that in this population there were 13,426 cases of Covid-19, 403 of which were severe, between 11 and 31 July. “The SARS-CoV-2 infection rate showed a clear increase as a function of the time elapsed since vaccination,” the researchers noted. For example, among those over 60 vaccinated in January, the infection rate was 3.3 per 1,000 people, in those vaccinated in February it dropped to 2.2 infections per 1,000 people, and in those vaccinated in March it was as high as 2.2. 1.7 infections per 1,000. According to the research team, these numbers confirm that the summer resurgence of Covid-19 was caused, not by the ineffectiveness of the vaccine against the Delta variant, but by a progressive decline in the protection acquired: “If there were not a decline in ‘ immunity, there would be no differences in infection rates between people vaccinated at different times. ” According to the Israeli researchers, therefore, the results of the analysis support the administration of a third dose of the vaccine.


Covid Israeli study vaccine protection drops months

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