The scam in Europe. Steal the keys to create fake QR codes and green passes

The scam in Europe. Steal the keys to create fake QR codes and green passes
The scam in Europe. Steal the keys to create fake QR codes and green passes

Fake passes but perfectly recognizable during the checks. It is the latest frontier of cyber fraud that is shaking the wrists of health authorities across Europe. In fact, some encryption keys perfectly recognizable by the VerificationC19 apps to check the validity of the green certificate were stolen by Polish and French bodies and with them programs to create fake certificates would have been published and disseminated on the net.

The theft does not involve Italy for the moment. From the first investigations carried out, there are no cyber attacks on Sogei, the Information technology company of the Ministry of Economy that provides the codes to generate green certificates. And, in any case, the stolen Polish and French keys have been canceled, consequently all green passes generated with those codes have been invalidated. However, the story does not end there. This theft has triggered an international alarm so that all the European technicians interested in the issue confronted each other to understand the extent of the damage. In fact, it is not excluded that these access codes have already been purchased on the dark web even by Italian criminal organizations. In these hours, the Cnaipic, of the postal police, is scanning the dark web and Telegram chat where these codes may have been offered for sale. A mind-boggling business, currently being quantified, which may have generated bogus but recognizable passes. The latest attack on the green certificate stems from a discussion on Raidforums, one of the most followed sites on the dark web, where a user asks a Polish seller to create a European green pass in the name of Adolf Hitler. Result? With 300 euros he obtained a perfectly functional certificate, as confirmed by the “customer” himself.

These fakes have also been running for a few hours on some Telegram groups and the Qr codes are valid on verification apps, in Italy and in Europe. There are at least two circulating ones, both in the name of Adolf Hitler, but with different dates of birth: one indicates January 1, 1900 and the other is 1930. When the QR codes are framed by the appropriate apps, the green check and the phrase “certification valid throughout Europe”, including Italy, which would allow access to workplaces and meeting places if the verifier did not notice that they are in the name of the Nazi dictator. Ranieri Razzante, one of the leading security and terrorism experts and Cybersecurity Advisor to the Undersecretary of Defense Giorgio Mulè, speaks of a political-subversive matrix “which frames this attack in a broader design of ideological contrast to the measures against Covid”. Then the mention of the black market. “These are people who may have paid experts to hack the program to create green passes, which will likely end up on the dark web.”

It seems the last frontier linked to the No Pass movement that shows no sign of giving up the battle against vaccines and rules of civil coexistence. In addition, even among the 2.7 million workers who refuse the syringe, there are “bad apples” who try to get around the obstacle at the expense of the community. In particular, those 400,000 exempt from the possession of the green certificate for health reasons do not convince. Too many for Codacons, which made a complaint to 104 prosecutors throughout Italy asking them to open investigations into the escalation of sickness certificates presented by workers from 15 October to today. But without waiting for the lengthy tax visits, some companies begin to turn to private investigative agencies to verify the position of absent employees. And the Federation of doctors itself denounces the pressures and threats suffered by hundreds of people who come to the offices with their respective lawyers demanding undue exemptions.


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