Covid, in Lazio 594 new cases and 5 deaths

There are 291 cases in Rome. D’Amato, 1.2 million text messages to those who have to take the third dose, we await indications on Johnson & Johnson Ministry

There are 594 new positive cases in Lazio. This was explained by the regional health councilor, Alessio D’Amato, entering into the details of the numbers. “Out of 11,638 molecular swabs and 21,056 antigenic swabs for a total of 32,694 swabs there are 594 new cases (+91), 5 deaths, 357 hospitalized (-5), 47 intensive care and 350 recovered. The ratio between positives and swabs is 1.8%, while the cases in Rome are 291 ”.

The commissioner then explained that “the sending of 1.2 million text messages is being prepared to remember the methods of administering the third dose to all patients who meet the requirements envisaged at national level and who have performed the second administration at distance of 180 days “.

“We are awaiting the indications from the Ministry for the recall modalities of the users who have received the J&J vaccine, which are over 270 thousand” adds D’Amato, recalling that so far over 8.7 million doses have been administered in Lazio. “Over 91% of the adult population and over 86% of over 12 who have completed the vaccination course” he adds. “Over 145 thousand third doses performed, exceeded 20% in the population over 80 years”.

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