Covid infections today: Italy bulletin of 28 October. Coronavirus data from the regions

Covid infections today: Italy bulletin of 28 October. Coronavirus data from the regions
Covid infections today: Italy bulletin of 28 October. Coronavirus data from the regions

Rome, 28 October 2021 – Waiting for the daily appointment with the Covid bulletin of the Ministry of Health. Data on the epidemic from Coronavirus elaborated together with the Civil protection its new infections, deaths, hospitalizations, intensive care and positivity rate they will be available in the afternoon. The last few days have seen a sharp rise in epidemic curve, a trend confirmed by the last relationship of the Gimbe Foundation. Independent monitoring reports that in the past seven days i contagion they took a big leap forward: +43%, along with an increase in hospitalizations. On the other hand, the number of newly vaccinated. The only positive data transmitted by the Gimbe is the least number of dead: 249 versus 271, equal to -8,1%.


Right there vaccination campaign in Italy it is slowing down. Also according to the Gimbe report, in the period from 20 to 26 October the administrations of anti-Covid serum were on average just over 152mil per day. Even less first doses: -53% of new vaccinates in seven days, despite the extension of the Green pass compulsory. On the subject, yesterday was the news of a outbreak of Coronavirus a Trieste, the city that has become a symbol of the protests against the green certificate: 46 new positives, all unvaccinated, of which 8 dockers. Even among the health workers there continue to be problems for the no-Vax. The Fnomceo, National Federation of Doctors and Dentists, has released the latest data: 1,579 doctors and dentists I am currently suspended for not having vaccinated yet. Since the beginning, there have been 2,053 suspensions, of which 474 were later revoked due to vaccination. The president of Fnomceo, Filippo Anelli, explained that “doctors suspended because they are not vaccinated remain a minority, lo 0.3% of subscribers to our Albi “. Anelli also recalled that” getting vaccinated is a ethical duty, both to stem the spread of the virus and to dispel the last doubts of the hesitant. Over 82% of the population over the age of twelve has completed the vaccination cycle: we are really at the last mile, let’s not stop now “.

And the situation almost seems to get out of control International Covid. In Eastern Europe, in particular In Bulgaria, Covid infections are unstoppable. The National Coronavirus Information Portal, cited by the Guardian, reports that 5,643 new cases have been ascertained among Bulgarian citizens in the last 24 hours, for a total of 90,543 active cases. There Russia, which for six weeks has not found peace with respect to the unstoppable spread of Sars-Cov-2, today sees others 40,096 new cases e 1,159 dead. fly entered in lockdown, and until 7 November all activities considered non-essential will be closed.

We will publish here, as soon as possible, the updated data from the Ministry of Health on new infections, deaths, hospitalizations and intensive care.

I am 503 new cases of Covid-19 recorded in the last 24 hours in Veneto, according to a constant trend in recent weeks, which bring the total to 479,017 infections. The data emerges from the regional report, which also reports a death, with the total at 11,821. The current positives are up compared to yesterday (+202) and are 9,945 in all. The clinical situation, stable, sees 203 patients hospitalized in a non-critical area (-2) and 37 (+3) in intensive care.

The Tuscany, in addition to the 373 new cases, also records six deaths for Covid. The currently positive are 5,277, + 3% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 251 (-9), of which 26 in intensive care (-1). Overall, 5,026 people are in isolation at home, as they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital care, or are symptom-free (162 more than yesterday, up 3.3%). Instead, 15,033 (+526) people are in quarantine because they have had contact with infected people.

Today in Puglia register 215 new cases of Coronavirus on 21,665 tests (1%) and zero deaths. The new cases are distributed as follows: 36 in the province of Bari, 16 in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, 27 in the province of Brindisi, 57 in the province of Foggia, 42 in that of Lecce and 36 in that of Taranto. Of the 2,682 people currently positive, 131 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 19 in intensive care.

In Basilicata there have been 24 new infections in the last 24 hours, in Umbria I am 56 and there is also one death. L’Abruzzo sees 98 new Covid positive patients, and no victims. In Valle d’Aosta no casualties and 3 new positives, in Sardinia there are 59 new cases and 2 deaths.

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