for as long as the obligation for bars, restaurants and trains will remain in force in 2022

Until the end of 2021 the green pass do not touch. The idea of ​​canceling the green certification requirement seems not to be under discussion at least until the beginning of the new year. But what will happen in the 2022? In these days, possible dates begin to emerge on theabolition of the mandatory green pass which the government seems willing to keep for several months.

The green pass to access bars, restaurants, stadiums, gyms, trains and workplaces should remain for at least the first part of 2022. The government seems to want to extend the green certification obligation for the first half of the new year. There are two reasons for this choice: on the one hand to avoid an increase in infections (already rising) and hospitalizations and on the other to push the vaccination campaign especially on third doses.

The green pass to increase the third doses

At this time the third dose it is authorized for the over 80, the staff and guests of the RSA, the health personnel and now also for the over 60. So far, however, membership has been quite low. Precisely for this reason it is thought that the green pass can help increase vaccination with third dose.

The green pass for many people, even in these categories, will expire at the beginning of the new year since 12 months have passed since the second dose. For those who have been vaccinated between February, March and April to know that the obligation of green certification will be extended for other months (at least until early summer) should be an incentive to receive the third dose and extend certification.

When the green pass obligation expires

The first date to keep in mind is that of December 31, 2021, when it will end state of emergency for the coronavirus. However, it should be emphasized that the state of emergency could be extended for other months in 2022 with a new decree and that the green pass will not necessarily have to go hand in hand with the state of emergency.

For the moment, the obligation to show the green pass to access places and events is in force until December 31, being at the moment linked to the state of emergency for the coronavirus. The eventual extension however, it may arrive soon.

As long as there is the obligation of green certification

These days the government and the technicians are discussing the possible extension of the green pass at least until the beginning of summer 2022. The assumption from which we start is that green certification is working both in containing infections (in Italy they are less than in many other European countries) and to encourage vaccinations.

Moreover, Italy is not the only country that aims to extend the green pass: in France a law has already been approved that allows the government to apply it, in case of need, until July 31, 2022. Although it should be remembered that in France the obligation does not apply to access the workplace.

Because the government will extend the green pass

The government wants to extend the green certification as it is considered the best tool for managing the pandemic and guaranteeing normality as much as possible, i.e. the opening of all activities.

He also hopes to encourage the administration of third doses which at the moment are still slow. Third doses considered fundamental because soon all the categories most at risk – starting from the over 60s – will find themselves with lower protection considering the decrease in antibodies that is recorded after six months.

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