bulletin today October 27, 2021. The news

end the daily cases of coronavirus are still on the rise which also exceed the wall of 500 in Lazio. At the end of the daily videoconference of the regional task force for Covid-19, the Department of Health of the Region gave news of 503 infections today, Wednesday 27 October, with a ratio between positives and buffers which, compared to yesterday, rises again and reaches 1.5% (yesterday it was 1.1%). The tests carried out yesterday were 32,734.
“We are witnessing a slight increase in cases – commented the regional councilor D’Amato -, it is necessary to do the booster dose. We will soon activate an active call mode to remind all those who fall within the Ministry’s circular about the booking methods ”.

The other data

In today’s bulletin there are also 5 deaths (5 fewer than yesterday) and a boom in healings was recorded, 630 those notified in one day. However, hospitalized patients are increasing: the positives in the ordinary wards of hospitals in Lazio are 362 (8 more in the last 24 hours), while 47 intensive care units are occupied (4 less than yesterday).

Coronavirus Lazio: data in the individual provinces

As for the territorial distribution of the new cases, 369 are in the province of Rome, and of these 216 are only in the capital. The other 134 are in the rest of the region: the highest figure comes from the Pontine territory where the new positivities found were 67, another 26 are in the province of Viterbo, 22 in that of Frosinone and 19 in that of Rieti. Finally, the deaths were all recorded in the province of Rome.

Coronavirus Latina: data for today 27 October

Coronavirus Lazio: today’s bulletin 27 October

The general picture throughout Lazio is updated: the number of current positives is down compared to yesterday, which is 8,840; of these 8,439, who do not need hospitalization, are being treated at their homes. The total infections ascertained since the beginning of the pandemic are close to 393 thousand and about 375 thousand have been cured, 8,775 have died.

The vaccination campaign

As regards the vaccination campaign, over 8.7 million doses have been administered and 91% of the adult population and 86% of over 12 who have completed the vaccination process have been exceeded. Over 140 thousand third doses have also been inoculated and 20% is exceeded in the population over 80 years. On the other hand, it is necessary to accelerate, said the commissioner D’Amato for the over 60s. We remind you that all reservations – also open to health personnel for whom at least 180 days (6 months) have passed since the last administration – can be made on the website https://prenotavaccino-covid.regione.lazio.it/main/home with a health card and choosing the vaccination center or pharmacy near the house; those who want can also get the third dose of the booster from their family doctor by contacting them directly.


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