“The pandemic is far from over”

“The pandemic is far from over”
“The pandemic is far from over”

GENEVA – The Covid-19 crisis is far from over. This is what the emergency committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) said, asking to continue with research on next generation vaccines for long-term control of the pandemic. The 19-member committee meets every three months to discuss the outbreak and make recommendations.

“While progress has been made through greater dissemination of vaccines and therapies against Covid-19, the analysis of the current situation and forecast models indicate that the pandemic is far from over,” WHO said in conclusion. of the meeting.

The committee therefore asked for further research on the reuse of masks and respirators, vaccines, diagnosis and next-generation therapies “for the long-term control of the pandemic.”

“The use of masks, spacing, hand hygiene and improved ventilation of internal spaces remain essential to reduce the transmission of the virus,” says the WHO.

The committee said the protracted pandemic is complicating humanitarian emergencies, mass migration and other crises. States should therefore review their preparedness and response plans.

He then highlighted concerns about Africa’s challenges in addressing the pandemic, including access to vaccines, tampons and treatments, as well as data collection and analysis to monitor the evolution of the pandemic.

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