Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 26 October

Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 26 October
Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 26 October

The bulletin with Covid Italia numbers today, Tuesday 26 October 2021. Latest news and data from the Civil Protection and the Ministry of Health – region by region – with updates, infections, hospitalizations, deaths. The numbers from Lombardy and Campania, from Lazio and Tuscany, from Puglia and Sicily. Bulletin and news of major cities such as Rome, Milan and Naples. The point about vaccines in Italy. The data of the regions:


There are 20 new coronavirus infections today 26 October 2021 in Sardinia, according to data from the latest Covid-19 bulletin of the Region. Another death is recorded.

The victim is an 83-year-old man residing in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari. The 20 new cases of positivity based on 2,167 people tested and just over 9 thousand tests processed, including molecular and antigenic. There are 7 patients admitted to intensive care units, while 45 (+1) are in the medical area. There are 1,273 people in home isolation, 21 fewer than yesterday.


There are 70 new coronavirus infections in Abruzzo according to today’s bulletin, 26 October. On the other hand, there are no new deaths. The new positives in the Region are between 1 and 97 years old, the total of cases since the beginning of the emergency is 82,442. The death toll of patients does not register new cases and remains stable at 2,559. The number of positive cases also includes 78,355 discharged / healed (+59 compared to yesterday). This was communicated by the Regional Health Department.


There are 115 new coronavirus infections in Calabria according to today’s bulletin, October 26. There is also another death. 4,316 swabs performed, +113 cured, the total deaths in the Region is 1,445. The bulletin also records +1 currently positive, -3 in isolation, +5 hospitalized and, finally, -1 intensive care (for a total of 5).


There are 149 new coronavirus infections in Friuli Venezia Giulia according to today’s bulletin, 26 October. There is also another death. Out of 4,294 molecular swabs, 119 new infections were detected with a positive percentage of 2.77%. There are also 23,701 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which 30 cases (0.13%) were detected. Today there is a death (a 56-year-old man from Palazzolo dello Stella who died at home); 9 people are hospitalized in intensive care while the number of patients hospitalized in other departments drops to 50 ‘, says the deputy governor of the Region with responsibility for Health Riccardo Riccardi.


There are 278 coronavirus infections in Puglia today, October 26, 2021, according to the covid data of the region’s bulletin. There are 3 deaths. The new infections were identified on 24,823 swabs. 75 cases stand out in the province of Taranto, 67 in the province of Bari and 66 in that of Foggia. Currently positive people in Puglia are 2,447. Covid patients hospitalized in a non-critical area are 129. In intensive care, however, 18 people.


There are 192 coronavirus infections in Tuscany today, October 26, 2021, according to the covid data of the region’s bulletin anticipated by Governor Eugenio Giani on Telegram. There are 4 deaths. The new cases of Covid were identified on 39,467 tests of which 7,329 molecular swabs and 32,138 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 0.49% (2.3% on first diagnoses). As for the anti Covid vaccines, those currently administered in Tuscany are 5,826,709.


There are 18 new infections from Coronavirus today 26 October in Basilicata according to Covid-19 data in the latest bulletin of the Region. There has been no other Covid dead in the region since yesterday. In the last 24 hours, 602 molecular swabs have been made. Since yesterday, 40 have been healed. There are 21 hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera, unchanged, none of which are in intensive care, while the current positives residing in Basilicata are 785 in all, 24 fewer. For the vaccination, 1,058 administrations were made yesterday. So far 431,642 Lucanians have received the first dose of the vaccine equal to 78 per cent of the total resident population, while 391,363 have completed the vaccination cycle equal to 70.7 per cent and 4,944 are the third doses, for a total of 827,949 administrations carried out.

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