the Italian therapy that annihilates Covid, a change of scenery – Libero Quotidiano

the Italian therapy that annihilates Covid, a change of scenery – Libero Quotidiano
the Italian therapy that annihilates Covid, a change of scenery – Libero Quotidiano

Alessandro Gonzato

October 25, 2021

90% vaccination coverage is in the sights. Italy could hit it by the end of the year. It is the new threshold of herd coverage set by our scientific community, not all of it – be careful because there are also those who argue that due to the characteristics of the virus we will never reach herd immunity. Having reached 90% of vaccinated people, however, the Commissioner for the Emergency, Francesco Figliuolo said, the government could think of making the Green pass less stringent. The vaccine, where the vaccination campaign is massive and the restrictions are adequate, has drastically slowed down the course of the virus, which however, even when immunization reaches 90%, will certainly not disappear suddenly. The antiviral pill of the pharmaceutical company Merck, Molnupiravir, is being studied, which according to the tests would halve the risk of hospitalization of people affected by a mild or moderate form of Covid: in Europe it will be the EMA that will have to evaluate it (it is hypothesized by the end of the year) and in the United States the Food and Drug Administration has already set a meeting on November 30, perhaps decisive for approval. In the meantime, however, in addition to the vaccine, we see some of the most used therapies and the experimental ones that are giving the best results. Let’s start from Italy.

OUR STUDIES – Professor Giuseppe Fiorentino of the “Cotugno” hospital in Naples, in collaboration with the Albert Einstein University of New York, conducted a study on L-Arginine, an amino acid that is taken by mouth at a high dose and associated with a standard therapy reduces hospitalization times. The result on the first 101 patients treated certified that those who received arginine twice a day (two 1.66 gram bottles) had an average of 21 days less hospital stay. The results are published in the scientific journal The Lancet, considered the bible of the industry. The assumption of arginine was also positively evaluated by the “San Raffaele” of Rome, by the “Gemelli” and by the hospital of Codogno. Pharmacologist Silvio Garattini, president and founder of the “Mario Negri” Institute of Pharmacological Research, recently recalled the importance of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and that the possible benefits of hydroxychloroquine “have been denied by the scientific literature”. «Some monoclonal antibodies», he pointed out, «are useful in the first phase to strongly decrease the viral load. There are many studies underway to reduce cases of serious illness and mortality, which today can be reduced by 30% only with cortisone ». Returning to monoclonals, whose use in the midst of the pandemic was snubbed because it was supported by the American President Donald Trump to whom they were administered during the illness, let’s take into account that in Tennessee, at Vanderbilt University, a “super monoclonal” was recently discovered. .

The discovery, defined as “revolutionary”, is described in an article on 90% vaccination coverage in the crosshairs. Italy could hit it by the end of the year. It is the new scientific journal Cell Reports. Tests have shown that the “super monoclonal” is effective against every variant. The work was started in 2019 by Ian Setliff and Andrea Shiakolas, pupils of the luminary Ivelin Georgiev: “There is no time to waste,” said the latter. “If we wait any longer, the virus will have the opportunity to mutate many more times.” In the summer, however, Isaiah Arkin, a biochemist from the Hebrew University, illustrated in the Times of Israel newspaper the experimentation in the laboratory of 3 drugs “that do not attack the Spike protein of the virus, but 2 others that hardly change with the development of the variants”. The drugs are: Darapabid, used for the treatment of atherosclerosis; the anticancer Flumatinib; and an HIV medicine. “The cure,” Arkin assured, “is almost 100% effective, even against mutations.” Let’s go back to the United States, where a group of researchers led by Karla Satchell, professor of immunology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Nothwestern University in Chicago, has identified a protein common to all viruses that could fight Corona, also in this case regardless of mutations. The protein is called Nsp16 and to neutralize it, the scientists said, ‘you need a drug, not a vaccine, because the vaccine instructs antibodies to target particles on the surface of the virus. But proteins such as Nsp16, which are used by viruses to multiply, are not found on the surface, so no antibodies do not see them ». For Satchell “this research is fundamental in view of future pandemics, the next one could explode around 2028, obviously it is a hypothesis based on the succession of the Sars, Mers and current Sars-Cov-2 epidemics which are separated by 7 years”.

THE EUROPEAN LIST – The European Commission has just published a series of “potential therapeutic tools” against Covid: “The list”, it is specified, “is based on an independent scientific opinion and is focused on candidate medicines and which will probably be authorized and consequently available on the market “. The first category is formed by the antiviral monoclonals considered most effective in the initial phase of the infection: Ronapreve, Xevudy, Evusheld. The second includes the antiviral “pills” Molnupiravir, that of Pfizer and Atea Pharmaceuticals-Roche. The third list includes 4 immunomodulators for the treatment of hospitalized patients: Actemra, Kineret, Olumiant, Lenzimula. At the end of September, the Italian drug agency made available the immunomodulatory drugs Anakinra, Baricitinib and Sarilumab. They are added to Tocilizumab “in the treatment of Covid-19 hospitalized subjects with worsening pneumonia undergoing various levels of support with oxygen therapy”.

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