Covid: in Brescia 12 positive and one death, the infections Municipality by Municipality

The contagion curve has not yet raised its head, even if the signs are not lacking (including the Rt index, at national level back above 1: or how quickly the virus reproduces): it remains to be seen if it is only a due settlement to the large number of tampons processed or whether they are the first effects of the autumn cold (well filtered by the vaccination campaign: a year ago, in this period, the days for the new lockdown and the red zone were already counted). However, hospitals are the indicator to keep an eye on, and without alarmism: even in Great Britain, regardless of the 40 thousand or more infections a day, there are even fewer Covid patients in intensive care than in France or in Germany.

Coronavirus: updated data

Meanwhile, the numbers of the regional bulletin: there are only 12 positives from Brescia in the last 24 hours, thanks to the few swabs processed between Sunday and Monday; but unfortunately there is a death from coronavirus (the only one in all of Lombardy), an elderly resident in Palazzolo sull’Oglio. 339 people from Brescia have been infected in the last 7 days, with an average of 48 cases per day, down by 2% over the seven days (Sunday was + 2.1%, Saturday + 6.2%) and stable over the previous 7 days. The incidence stands at 27 new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in seven days.

In all of Lombardy there are 119 positives: 2,535 in 7 days with an average of 362 infections per day, up by 0.3% over seven days (Sunday was + 4%, Saturday -1.7%) and by 4, 3% on the previous seven days. The situation in hospitals is stable: as of October 25, 328 Covid patients were hospitalized (Sunday were 324, Saturday 330) of which 48 in serious condition in intensive care.

The new infections Municipality by Municipality

In the Brescia area there are new positives in just 11 municipalities. In detail:

  • 2 in Corzano and Rovato,
  • 1 in Brescia, Calcinato, Castenedolo, Erbusco, Gussago, Orzinuovi, Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Rudiano and Verolanuova.

Province of Brescia: new cases in 24 hours

Province of Brescia: new cases in 7 days

Province of Brescia: variation over 7 days

Province of Brescia: variation on the previous 7 days

Province of Brescia: new cases every 100 thousand inhab. in 7 days

Covid hospitalized in Lombardy


Covid Brescia positive death infections Municipality Municipality

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