the pandemic has changed sexuality. The Reasons in Detail »

the pandemic has changed sexuality. The Reasons in Detail »
the pandemic has changed sexuality. The Reasons in Detail »

COVID: the Pandemic has changed sexuality. The reasons in detail

Sexual desire has changed with COVID-19One of the many aspects on which the COVID pandemic has had a major impact and the sexuality, chilling the Italians under the sheets and leading to a incredible increase in autoeroticism.

To explain it, in the newspaper Republic, And Valeria Randone, psychologist, as well as specialist in clinical sexology in Catania and Milan. According to several studies and analyzes carried out by the expert, the sex would have changed during the lockdown, but also and above all in this period in which we are exempt from the restrictions. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused us rare or completely absent orgasms due to anxiety, depression, anguish and the fear of a possible contagion and an uncertain tomorrow. On the other hand, the autonomous sexual pleasure or because the partner is absent or because, even if present, he is emotionally unbearable, because theanxiety it takes over too often in the place of desire.

The ongoing analyzes allow us to understand how the lifestyles and habits of Italians have changed and have completely upset the lives of both men and women. In particular, it is increased self-eroticism
in front of the computer screen and there is no way to open up to love, the real one.

how to fix it and get everything back to normal?
We must try to recover the intimate relationship between the couple. Relating, then recovering the dialogue, the kisses, the extinct caresses and gradually sexuality, perhaps with the help of sharing erotic fantasies that could increase the pleasure and good functioning of sex in bed. All this is a puzzle. It will be interesting to understand if in the future this strong solitary pleasure will remain so even when the virus disappears completely or if we will return to a more normal sex life, in short, of quality.


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