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They weren’t vaccinated and are now hospitalized, side by side, in intensive care and are dying. It is happening to two Bulgarian spouses in their fifties.

I am in very serious conditions, hospitalized in the same room as the intensive care in Padua, two spouses ofUnvaccinated Eastern Europe, infected by the Covid about ten days ago. Presented to the hospital with respiratory problems, husband and wife they explained to the doctors that none of them had had the vaccine.

Confirmed the diagnosis of Covid, they were hospitalized immediately, first in separate rooms – reports the Gazzettino – then together in a so-called ‘box Covid‘, a large intensive care room where they now struggle between life and death, in two paired beds, attached to respirators.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who choose not to get immunized despite scientific evidence showing how vaccines help avoid contracting severe forms of Covid.

Now, on two beds next to each other, they both struggle to survive. They showed up ten days ago at thehospital of Padua with the same symptoms: severe breathing difficulties. While they were undergoing tests, which confirmed the infection with Sars Cov-2, told doctors that neither of them had ever showed up at health hubs for the injection. Doctors did not have time to investigate the reasons for the refusal to vaccinate, because in a flash husband and wife found themselves in intensive care. Initially the couple had been separated, in two different recovery rooms. They gave each other courage by talking on the phone. Then the symptoms of the disease became more severe. And the couple was put in one room, una ‘Covid box’ of 40 square meters, the two beds next to each other, he and she intubated and attached to respirators. In these cases, doctors do not dare to make any prognosis. Up to now, infusion pumps, dialysis machines and nitric oxide cylinders for circulation control have kept them alive.

It is not the first time that husband and wife they end up together in a hospital room for Covid. It had already happened in Padua, and the hospital had tried to support these patients also on an emotional level, hospitalizing them in a ‘double room’. But it had not yet happened that this happened in intensive care, and for the same probable cause: the refusal of the vaccine.

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