“The strange stop to tampons, there is his signature” – Libero Quotidiano

“The strange stop to tampons, there is his signature” – Libero Quotidiano
“The strange stop to tampons, there is his signature” – Libero Quotidiano

The investigations of the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office are going ahead origins of the Covid pandemic in Italy. The work, however, is quite complex. Often, in fact, as reported by the Newspaper, documents and papers appear that deny the words of those who were on the front line in the first days of the emergency, those ranging from January 20 to April 15, 2020. According to the prosecutors investigating for culpable epidemic, the virus was already in Italy at least one month before Codogno case zero.

There would be one to prove this hypothesis medical record dated February 17, 2020 and viewed from Newspaper. Inside we talk about symptoms such as “dyspnoea”, “cough”, “fever”, “pleural effusion” and “subtle parenchymal thickening, with a ground glass appearance, in the left lung”, which emerged after a CT scan on January 26th. The man of Chinese origin is hospitalized in the Bergamo area, however, it was never buffered. The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco called it a “suspicious” case a few nights ago a Out of the core. Interviewed by PresaDiretta on Rai 3, on the other hand, Andrea Crisanti he explained that in the days of the end of January the executive had underestimated the tracking. Was that one of the reasons behind the super spread of the virus in our country?

How come, however, there was this sudden change? According to Newspaper, it all started with the meeting of 25 January 2020, which was attended by the representatives of the Regions in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health Pier Paolo Sileri, as would appear from the signatures of those present. According to the State Attorney’s Office, at that meeting the Ministry of Health would have consented to the request of the Regions for reduce and therefore limit tampons only to symptomatic people from China. Yet, points out the newspaper directed by Augusto Minzolini, “in his book” The secret Covid “Sileri says he has always stressed that the strategy of large-scale tampons was necessary”.

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