Ancona, Covid outbreak in a retirement home: thirty infected – Chronicle

Ancona, Covid outbreak in a retirement home: thirty infected – Chronicle
Ancona, Covid outbreak in a retirement home: thirty infected – Chronicle

Rosora (Ancona), 23 October 2021 – Here we go again: a large outbreak in a retirement home, one of those left Covid free in previous waves. They would be over 30 in this structure the guests elderly positive results (out of a total of 70 places overall) in the last hours and about fifteen operators who have contracted the virus or are in quarantine for contact with those who have contracted Covid. Everyone was vaccinated and they had completed their cycle in March.

Five elderly guests of the Rosora retirement home were hospitalized in the emergency room of the Carlo Urbani hospital in the last two days and one of these died on Thursday: it is a 86 year old woman of Rosora with previous pathologies. The other four have breathing difficulties and one of them is hospitalized in the emergency room and undergoes oxygen therapy with a CPAP helmet. The situation within the structure, managed by Vivicare cooperative of Jesi, it is complex, there is a lack of nurses and health workers again very difficult to find. The Asur has already sent aid to replenish the staff, especially the nurses and has taken charge of the structure indicating how to act to isolate the outbreak and avoid the spread of the virus which, despite the double vaccination for guests and health personnel, has taken place not only making people sick but also killing.

The first death occurred in recent days in the structure it would not have been included among those Covid because investigations are underway to ascertain the positivity to the virus. The one that took place on Thursday in the emergency room of the Carlo Urbani hospital instead concerns with certainty a guest who tested positive for the virus. Even the nurses and health personnel, among the first to be vaccinated at the beginning of the year e with the third dose imminent they fell ill. They are at home, most resident in Vallesina and have fever, bone pain, fat cough and bronchitis.

A dramatic situation to say the least that brings to mind the nightmare experienced last year in many nursing homes also of the Vallesina with several outbreaks and many victims. The most fragile elderly are returning to suffer the consequences of this virus that no longer seems to want to leave. As it turns out, the structure was open to visits but to family members with a vaccine or swab green pass. So at this point the suspicion is that the virus entered by someone vaccinated but still a vehicle of Sars Cov 2.
A hypothesis which frightens in view of winter and with in mind the still fresh images of the comings and goings of ambulances from the rest homes to the hospital. In the emergency room of the Carlo Urbani hospital yesterday there were four elderly guests of the Villa Celeste retirement home, all with pneumonia and fever, one of which is more serious and subjected to semi-intensive therapy with oxygen supply through a CPAP helmet. I have been waiting (for over 48 hours now) for a transfer to Torrette or outside the province, as soon as some beds become available. Otherwise, the Covid area could be reopened, set up with eight beds (fortunately left empty in recent weeks) within the Bronchopneumology of the jesino hospital.

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