ATA substitutes, you cannot leave a short one-week contract for a Covid one

It is not possible to leave a substitute ATA of one week for a Covid on 30 December 2021. On the other hand, once a short assignment has been accepted, it is possible to leave the substitute for one on 30 June (end of teaching activities). To clarify this the ATA substitute regulation, Ministerial Decree 430/2000.

One of our readers asks:

Hello, is it true that Covid contracts will be extended to June 30th? I received a convocation for a Covid replacement but I have already accepted one for a week: can I leave it? I am a collaborator school

No, it is not possible to leave a substitute of a few days or a week for another longer but always short, as in this case a Covid contract on December 30th.

On the other hand, it is possible to leave a short replacement – a few days, a few months or until the end of the lessons – for one on June 30th.

Personnel who are not already on duty for temporary substitutions up to the end of the teaching activities, have the right to terminate their employment relationship in advance to accept another one lasting up to the aforementioned term.” (art.7 Dm 430/2000).

Some clarifications must be made on the first part of the question posed by the reader:

  • At the moment it is not known exactly whether the extension will also affect ATA staff or only teaching staff. The government, apart from the programmatic budget document for 2022 approved in the CDM in recent days in which there is talk of teachers, could in fact find the resources for ATAs in the Budget law.
  • There is no reference to the duration of the possible extension: it could be until June 30th or until the end of lessons like last school year.
  • Even if the ATA contracts were extended and even if they were on June 30, for now they are stipulated on December 30 and therefore the reader could not in any case leave the short replacement for the other Covid.

Details in Covid substitutions, extension to June: 30 or at the end of the lessons? For now, contracts remain until December


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