Covid and vaccines, 186 nurses and 15 doctors suspended in Lazio no vax-

Covid and vaccines, 186 nurses and 15 doctors suspended in Lazio no vax-
Covid and vaccines, 186 nurses and 15 doctors suspended in Lazio no vax-

The fight against health professionals who do not comply with Covid vaccination. Compared to the Italian data, released a few days ago, which speak of almost 1,400 doctors and dentists removed from the profession because no vax, the numbers from Lazio remain low. In the region they are counted a few dozen suspended sanitary ware, said theregional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato. Data also confirmed by president of the Order of Doctors of Rome and its province, Antonio Magi: Despite the reminders received from the local health authorities, they are in total 15 doctors from Rome and the province who did not want to vaccinate against Covid and for which they have been all disciplinary procedures activated including the Suspension – has explained -. A result we are really satisfied with because it is one very low percentage, considering that there are 46 thousand doctors in the capital and its surroundings. In total, the procedures initiated so far by the order have been 26, but a dozen white coats have demonstrated the successful administration of the anti Covid serum or the reservation.

The higher the numbers in the other health professions: but those who have decided not to get vaccinated are still one net minority. Among nurses for example, according to the latest data fromOpi Rome (Order of Nursing Professions) le active suspensions for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation there are 186, out of a total of over 35,700 members.

Meanwhile, while for today two no green pass events are expected at the Circus Maximus, the pandemic seems to want to regain altitude. The incidence, according to the monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health, rising throughout Italy. Although still far from the alert threshold (set at 50), in Lazio this parament has undergone a surge in the last week, growing exactly ten points and passing from 28.4 last Friday to 38.4 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants yesterday. The index Rt, compared to the rest of the country where it reached 0.86, slightly below, or a 0.85. And in any case in slight decline compared to the last survey.

Once again over 400 infections: 408 new cases registered yesterday, 134 in Rome, 153 in the province, 23 in Frosinone, 54 in Latina, 17 in Rieti and 27 in Viterbo. The ratio of positives to buffers at 1.1%. Quattro finally i deaths, or two less than Thursday. Then the situation of the hospital network. According to the latest findings dell’Agenas (National Agency for Regional Health Services) and thearea not critical that intensive care remain fixed at 5% of the capacity. In fact, i hospitalizations that I am 312 (one less than two days ago) and the beds in intensive care: they count 49 busy compared to 50 in the previous 24 hours.

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