Covid, another elderly man who died of the virus in Trentino. There are 36 new infections but also 388 more vaccinated

TRENTO. One more victim in Trentino due to Covid. Unfortunately, today’s APSS bulletin reports another death, the 1442th in the Province of Trento since the pandemic began. A frightening and dramatic number that reminds everyone of them sufferings have been experienced in the last year and a half by the entire community and how important it is to keep the level of attention very high even now.

Fortunately today the level of contagion seems to be under control in Italy and, above all, there is the extraordinary one weapon that are vaccines to fight the pandemic but Covid is still present (and Eastern Europe is in recent days overwhelmed from a health point of view while the UK sees the spread of infections above altitude 50,000 per day).

In Trentino in the ultime 24 orand were made approx 8,500 swabs and 36 positive cases, all asymptomatic or pauci-symptomatic. In detail, the antigenic swabs carried out yesterday were 7,604 and identified 25 positive cases. 897 instead the molecular buffers, with 11 positive cases found and the confirmation of 5 positivity intercepted in recent days by rapid tests. Among the new cases we also find 2 over eighty and 3 in the 70-79 bracket, as well as 5 others in the 60-69 range.

On the hospital front, the situation continues to record a drop in the number of the inmates that drops to 9, after they were there yesterday another 2 resignations. In resuscitation, however, 2 patients continue to be followed. 34 finally i healed today, for a total since the beginning of the pandemic equal to 47.250. As mentioned, however, there is a death: it is an elderly, vaccinated, with pathologies.

The vaccinations arrive a quota 781.028, including 358,497 second doses and 9,994 third doses. It is about 2,329 more vaccines made, 946 seconds doses and 995 third dosi. I therefore, 388 were newly vaccinated.


Covid elderly man died virus Trentino infections vaccinated

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