ISS data on deaths from COVID and “conditional” interpretations

The data on the ISS on deaths from COVID confirm a phenomenon, that of “conditioned” interpretations. Plague superior to the fake news of the “conditional authorization that is not a real authorization”. The one denied by science and, twice, by law.

The “conditional” interpretation is what Dr. Di Grazia, for Medbunker, has correctly defined a “post-truth”. A term invented in the period in which between MAGA and QAnon the market for “unverified information” had experienced a new flourishing.

And the spreaders of fake news claimed, and with great pride, the idea of being able to say everything they wanted, because in any case they could have played the card of “But it’s the concept that counts” or “If it didn’t happen it could happen, if it does happen I’m retroactive right”.

In this case we are on the side of the “concept that matters”.

ISS data on deaths from COVID and “conditional” interpretations

We have already talked about it in a previous article: there is an ISS report that states that “9 times out of ten COVID19 is not the only cause of deaths”.

A “new” relationship, some say.

So new that no one noticed that it is a revision of a previous text from July 2020.

Seriously: you have had a year’s time and beyond to ask for enlightenment, you remember in October 2021 to raise the finger and declare things on social networks we have read and found in users like

“The ISS lies, arrest and take away all belongings from politicians!”

And to those who spread fake news the computer do we not take it off?

Because there have been months and months, almost two years to read that report.

So premise: in 2020 (full of the first two pandemic waves, substantial obscurity of a disease that literally had a name only from February 90% of COVID19 victims died from contracting a disease with no previous complications.

In July 2020, therefore, we concluded that

COVID-19 is a disease that can prove fatal even in the absence of a contributing cause. In fact, there are no concurrent causes of death pre-existing to COVID-19 in 28.2% of the deaths analyzed, a similar percentage in the two sexes and in the different age groups. Only in the age group 0-49 years the percentage of deaths without contributing causes is lower, equal to 18%.

71.8% of deaths of people positive to the SARS-CoV-2 test have at least one contributing cause: 31.3% have one, 26.8% have two and 13.7% have three or more contributing causes.

So an absolutely healthy subject, contracting COVID19, risked death. 71.8% of the deceased subjects had at least one condition of frailty, and so on.

In October 2021

The ISS experts took stock of the most common pre-existing chronic diseases (diagnosed before contracting the infection) in a sample of 7,910 patients hospitalized and who died in hospitals in different regions. Overall, 230 patients (2.9% of the sample) had no disease, 902 (11.4%) had one disease, 1,424 (18%) had two and 5,354 (67.7%) three or more. The prevalence of ischemic heart disease, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, stroke, arterial hypertension, dementia, increase with age; On the other hand, cases of chronic liver disease decrease with age, pathologies requiring dialysis, HIV infection and obesity; for diabetes, BPCO (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and cancer there is a decrease only in the last age group in contrast to the general growth with age; for autoimmune diseases, on the contrary, there is an increase only in the last age group in contrast to the decrease with age.

We therefore join the appeal of Doctor Di Grazia: what do you see?

The data must be interpreted, not disclosed

It is not a hidden secret, but we have said it too, the problem of COVID19 is not lethality, but the filthy contagiousness.

The virus is an entity that obeys a precise biological imperative. What every living thing that aspires to survive its species places at the center of all its actions: to survive.

To survive as a species, and not as a single entity, the only way is to reproduce. Reproduce incessantly.

A virus then it needs to replicate the greatest number of compatible organisms, that is, that they allow themselves to be infected and become “walking laboratories” for the replication of the virus, and that they survive long enough to go around and spread the new copies.

SARS-COV-2, the COVID19 virus, is not fatal because the disease always is, it is very dangerous because it is left unchecked (see 2020 situation) continues to replicate everywhere, reaching every corner of the globe and risking with each replication to create even faster variants.

Are we on this? Good.

The virus then continues to replicate: thanks to vaccines it undoubtedly reaches fewer people, we see the data, they are there for all to see.

Last year we were at 16,000 cases and odds, with an exponential increase that sent a large part of Italy into the orange and red zone, this year we are in the white zone with just under 4000 infections, cinemas are open, events resume and the dream is cultivated of returning to the dream of a normal life, albeit at a slow, measured pace and ready to take corrective action if the situation worsens.

However, it continues to reach the fragile cd’s.

People who, as Medbunker recalls unfortunately they die without the help of medicine, and they die if their already serious situation worsens

You explain that diabetes does not necessarily mean death. That hypertension doesn’t necessarily mean dying from a viral disease, you explain.
That today we control many diseases with drugs while Covid has interrupted lives, families, loves and affections you explain it to him, because all this sucks to me.
Excuse me but it embitters me.

The situation undoubtedly improves from July to today: if you get infected less, you die less. There is even talk of a “different” pandemic between vaccinated and unvaccinated, with the latter exposed to much more serious risks.

But the fact remains that our society, like all modern societies, among its great achievements has the possibility for those who in past times or in emerging economies would have died, to become a “chronic”.

In 1800, with no way even to really diagnose it and to measure insulin other than letting a doctor drink your urine and, if you find “sweet”, preparing for a short and painful life, diabetes was basically a doom.

Today we are able to live healthy, happy lives without great deprivation with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease … until a pandemic does not intervene which denies us the possibility of accessing intensive care or infects the frail.

To say that “10% of the infected had no previous conditions” and then add that now only a percentage reversed, and therefore only a “small percentage had no previous conditions” is it does not mean that COVID19 does not kill.

Saying it would lead us dangerously to social Darwnisimo, a dangerous slope for which if a subject who otherwise, thanks to medical advances, he could have lived a long and serene life, he dies because an immeasurably contagious disease reaches him.

Contagion that it could have been avoided with precautions including vaccination, but that the “notutto” refuse to comply.

Everyone will remember the phrase that caused a lot of scandal “It’s not that I want my grandparents to die, if it happens patience”.

Meanwhile, the grandfather, the heart patient, the diabetic would not have died if we weren’t in the midst of a pandemic. They would not die if, in the midst of a pandemic, we also vaccinated for them who are fragile.

Just like Colin Powell he had been vaccinated for COVID19, but could not predict a progression of his multiple myeloma that would destroy his immune system.

The good or bad thing about frailties is that they are democratic.

Anyone among you readers who feel “healthy and vigorous” today over time he could find himself diabetic, have a heart attack, develop hypertension, contract a tumor, and instantly switch between the “strong, vigorous and stalwart who would survive a pandemic” to “frail people who must beg not to get sick”.

Why do the frail continue to suffer from the contagion?

ISS data on COVID deaths rest on a profound truth: vaccination works by stimulating the immune system.

We have the data right in front of us: if you have a functioning immune system, it works. But what if you don’t have it?

“People who have died after completing the vaccination course have a high level of clinical complexity, significantly higher than people who have not been able to benefit from the effect of the vaccine due to an early infection or because they have not even started the vaccination course – he explained Graziano Onder, director of the Department of Cardiovascular, Endocrine-Metabolic Diseases and Aging of the ISS -. It is possible to hypothesize that very elderly patients with numerous pathologies may have a reduced immune response and therefore be susceptible to Sars-CoV-2 infection and its complications despite having been vaccinated. These people, very fragile and with a reduced immune response, are those who can benefit most from vaccination coverage of the entire population ”.

If you don’t have it, and you are Italian, at the moment I’m sorry but you’re in trouble. In very big trouble.

You will have to rely on the vaccination coverage of the people around you.

But you are Italian, and you live in the place where the phrase “I care a lot for my grandparents, if they die, patience” appeared in the newspapers.

And you understand that you are really deep in trouble.

Some tables and the “derived” deaths

Let’s look at some tables together

As can be seen, compared to the pre-pandemic period there are two trends in comparison. Total deaths go up with each wave.

The total deaths of the past period follow with a much higher order of magnitude. In 2020 the total number of deaths (for all causes) was the highest ever recorded in our country since the second postwar period: 746,146 deaths, 100,526 deaths more than the 2015-2019 average (15.6% excess).

This is explained by direct comorbidities, but not only.

Let’s spend a moment explaining the Canadian data: in a small community of random guys, inspired by the Fake News, to organize a COVID19 Party.

That is to find a sick person and infect each other with spitting, sneezing and physical contact.

The result was to send most of the participants to occupy the intensive care units of a small community, with doctors desperate because that place could have been used for a cancer patient with a scheduled visit, for a heart patient or for the victim of a car accident.

Whenever a filthy contagious disease fills intensive care, fragile subjects are the first to suffer directly.

But also indirectly: healthcare does not have infinite resources, and the resources that could be “freed” by accepting a vaccination that reduces every risk factor by an order of magnitude they are taken away from patients who will then suffer.

In summary, can we see a reduction in contagion, and therefore in deaths over time? Of course.

Can we appreciate the fact that the healthy die harder than the frail? Of course.

Can we deny that COVID19 is a serious social danger, thus risking leaving the frail to their fate? No, because if we want to talk so much about the Constitution, solidarity with fragile subjects is one of its cornerstones.

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