Covid, the increase in new daily cases is stable in Lazio. Hospitalization and intensive care are also stable

The situation of covid 19 in the Lazio region continues to evolve.

Even today, the photograph, through official data, is provided to us by the Department of Health, who informed us that 34,877 swabs were carried out (9,700 molecular swabs and 25,177 antigenic swabs), which brought to light 408 new positive cases. Unfortunately, there are still 4 deaths, while the number of hospitalized patients decreases from 313 to 312. the number of patients in intensive care also decreased from 50 to 49. 351 patients recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 1.1%.

Compared to last week, the Rt index is slightly down to 0.85, while the incidence is very slightly up to 34.89 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

As for the vaccination campaign, over 8.6 million doses are administered. The threshold of 91% of the adult population has been exceeded, and that of 85% of those over 12 who have completed the vaccination course.

The Pink October operation is booming: all the visits made available have been booked, so much so that the region has decided to add another 1,500 free mammograms for the 45/49 age group, in addition to the 7,300 already booked. The increase in services offered, compared to last year, is 50%.

Third dose: over 110 thousand doses performed. It is possible to book the Covid-19 vaccine booster dose for healthcare personnel for whom at least 180 days (6 months) have passed since the last administration. Reservations on with health card and tax code.

Third dose: Over 60, it is necessary to speed up the booster dose. All reservations on, with a health card, and by choosing the vaccination center or pharmacy near your home. Anyone who wants can do the third dose of the booster from their family doctor by contacting him directly.

Influenza vaccine: administered 146,339 doses, 2,776 performed by general practitioners and 153 by pediatricians of free choice. There are 732,393 vaccines distributed. The vaccine is free for over 60s, frail subjects and from 6 months to 6 years of age. Just ask your general practitioner or pediatrician of free choice for it.

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