Transport, without the no-vaxes, the system holds. Andreatta: ” Out of 900 drivers there are about a hundred diehards. Sacrificing the holidays was saving ”

TRENTO. ” The green pass absence situation is more or less constant, even if there are marginal staff recoveries on a day-to-day basis ”. This is the transport manager of the Pat Roberto Andreatta which takes stock of what appears to be one of the services most affected by presence of no-vax among the ranks of its workers. On the other hand there are those on the one hand it supports clearly and makes explicit the ” battle ” no vax / no pass like the Usb than with his secretary Ezio Casagranda it is practically every day in the square to demonstrate and on the other hand there are those who do it in a light way more concealed as the Uil Transport of the secretary Petrols that just a few days ago invited the employees of Trentino Trasporti to record the conversations with the green pass controllers for any subsequent legal actions.

And it is probably no coincidence that Rovereto is one of the areas where there is more inconvenience. Petrolli, a few weeks ago, communicated that even ”out of a hundred who work in that area, more than fifty are not vaccinated. Our position, that of Uil Trasporti, is that everyone must be free to do what he wants. We stand for freedom of choice. ” After a little less than a month (those declarations were of 24 September) the no-vax share has dropped dramatically and today it would seem more than halved. Pat’s data says the share of drivers who does not have the vaccine for the green pass is wandering around around 16%, from which they must be removed another 5%, about, who are the ones who are making up for with the tampons and someone is also getting vaccinated.

” The situation is stable at the moment – explains the general manager of the Pat’s Transportation Department Roberto Andreatta e if this were to be the data, there was a steady decrease in suspended travelAnd. Precious was the suspension of festive races which also created some discomfort. Having spread the shifts of the two Sundays on ordinary services / students it was a cure-all. Sorry for Sunday users but we hope to get that service back as soon as possible ”. But how many no green pass drivers are there? ”On a staff of about 900 units – explains Andreatta – we can say that there are about 150 without the vaccine. Of these one fifty they are returning to do the service with the swab and others who with the vaccine or are ending i 15 days from the first dose to get the green pass ”.

Those who, at the moment, therefore, are doing the missing service for fear of the vaccine or because they are convinced of some conspiracy against freedom there are about a hundred. It was for them Suspension, as had happened in the past few weeks for doctors, nurses, teachers and all those categories they already had the obligation to have a green pass. Today, meanwhile, they will be suspended 216 races of the service urban its 2.700 e 103 dell’suburban its 3.000.


Transport novaxes system holds Andreatta drivers diehards Sacrificing holidays saving

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