Covid Great Britain: over 52 thousand infections. Johnson: “No plan B”. What is happening

Covid Great Britain: over 52 thousand infections. Johnson: “No plan B”. What is happening
Covid Great Britain: over 52 thousand infections. Johnson: “No plan B”. What is happening

London – Everyone’s attention Europe is aimed at UK, which is experiencing a new record surge of cases of Covid-19, three months after “Freedom Day” of July 19th (What is Freedom Day and what happened), when the government lifted most of the anti-Covid restrictions. In the last few days in Great Britain they have been registered between 40 thousand and 50 thousand cases daily: numbers that could increase exponentially and that have triggered the alarm of doctors and scientists across the Channel. Today I am 52.009 i cabout of registered coronaviruses, the highest number since July 17 when 54,674 were confirmed. According to the health authorities they are 115 people who lost their lives after contracting Covid-19 on the last day. The number of cases increased by 17.9 percent in the last week (during which 327,537 infections were confirmed), while that of deaths recorded an increase of 10.8 percent in the last seven days, 912 deaths in this time span. For now, however, the government of Boris Johson does not seem willing to reverse the limitations. “We think the right decision is ilearn to live with the virus“said the British Minister of Health Sajid Javid. “We are worried,” the minister said, but added that i vaccines they are working and so it is not necessary to go to plan B, with more restrictions. Javid admitted that the health system is under pressure, but he said he was certain that the situation “it is not unsustainable“. The minister urged everyone to get vaccinated against Covid and flu, advising Brits to meet outside as much as possible, open windows in indoor meetings and wear masks in crowded places. An invitation then. But no obligation (for now).

“Let’s go ahead with our plan” and “the most important thing people can do is undergo the booster dose of vaccine“said the premier British Boris Johnson in response to several appeals from the national health authorities and the doctors’ union asking to switch instead to plan B against Covid, introducing restrictions in England after the surge in infections. Speaking in an interview following the Armagh ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Northern Ireland, Johnson admitted that numbers of infections are high ma within the parameters indicated by the forecasts made about possible scenarios when the restrictions were lifted by the government. He assured that the data are constantly monitored but recalled that the country is now in a much better situation than a year ago.

The British Medical Association (Bma), the UK’s leading doctors’ union, has called for government intervention to move to plan B against Covid, introducing restrictions in England (such as the obligation of the mask in some contexts), after what they define as an “unacceptable” level of infections for the NHS (the national health service). In addition, the executive is accused of being “intentionally negligent” for not having re-imposed containment rules. According to the president of the British Medical Association (Bma) Chaand Nagpaul. “The government had said it would implement Plan B to prevent the National Health Service (NHS) from being overwhelmed. As doctors on the front line we categorically affirm that this moment has arrived “- said Nagpaul – by the same admission of the Minister of Health we will soon have 100 thousand cases a day while already now we have the same number of deaths as in March, when we were in lockdown. It is incredibly worrying that the government does not want to act immediately to save lives and protect the NHS. ”

The current pressure on the national health system is “sustainable” e there is no ‘plan C’ of the government to ban family reunions at Christmas in the event of a continuing increase in Coronavirus infections in the country. This was declared to the BBC by the Undersecretary of Health of the London government, Edward Argar, conceding that health care is under “severe pressure” but ensuring that this is not the right time to introduce additional measures to control the spread of the virus. Argar then urged the population to get vaccinated to help “relieve the pressure on the health system”. Plan A is still working, he added, stating: “It’s a race between vaccines and their inoculation and the virus. We are still winning this race at the moment but the distances are getting shorter, the advantage is decreasing. So what we have to do is a sprint towards the finish “.

Marco Cavaleri, head of Vaccines and Therapeutic Products for Covid-19 of the European Medicines Agency Ema, highlighted the importance of close monitoring of the variants. We must monitor, he explained, “because what could happen is that the backbone of the variant remains, but more mutations arrive and it could also be something that gives greater transmissibility or some type of immune escape“, that is, the virus’ ability to escape immunity.” We are all looking at “the variant situation of Sars-CoV-2 with the winter approaching,” to try to understand where the virus is going and what we might expect in the weeks and months to come. Delta is still the dominant strain that is circulating, “and” we are beginning to see that there are some additional mutations that are taking place “, at the moment” in a few cases, on the Delta variant. We have heard of the “ new mutation “AY.4.2”, which is one of the ‘special observations’ for example in Gb where the cases in which it has been sequenced are increasing, “and we have to monitor very closely”. For Cavaleri “it is important that we continue this work globally, together not only with European public authorities, but also outside Europe with the World Health Organization. WHO is now making several efforts to develop a good system that can do surveillance and quickly lead to decisions regarding new variants “.

“What is happening in the United Kingdom is the demonstration that Italy’s choices in controlling the” Covid-19 “pandemic have been correct, while the British ones have been villainous. Letting a virus circulate as it is happening in the UK, in addition to spiking cases, causes the emergence of new subtypes of viral variants, like the one we are seeing now, the new Delta mutation, on which we still do not have certainty of the risks of greater transmissibility “he stressed to Adnkronos Salute Massimo Andreoni, head of Infectious Diseases at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome and scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit), who asks at this point “to intervene with measures such as quarantine for those arriving or returning from the United Kingdom”. “The British made one choice: reopen everything – the expert remarked – Choice motivated by the fact that hospitalizations and deaths are in any case lower than previous waves. But the history of the pandemic has taught us that we cannot wait with our hands while the serious patients increase otherwise it is too late then. And now this is just being turned on. From them the new Delta variant is already at 6-10%, if it should become prominent, it means that it has a greater transmissibility than the Delta and this is a big problem “. On what to do in Italy, in light of the situation in the United Kingdom, Andreoni is clear:” Continue with an attitude of caution, observe still preventive measures and proceed with the choice of small steps in reopening “.

For the health minister Roberto Speranza: “the challenge against Covid is still open, the data coming from Great Britain in these hours indicate how the game sees us in a different situation than a few months ago because we finally have the vaccines that are the real weapon to open a season different. But we must still keep great caution, caution and attention “to the epidemiological trend. “But today is the time to value the lessons of Covid”.

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