Covid latest news: infections are increasing in Europe – Chronicle

Covid latest news: infections are increasing in Europe – Chronicle
Covid latest news: infections are increasing in Europe – Chronicle

Rome, 21 October 2021 – A rise in covid infections in several European countries. While Italy is going through a relatively quiet period, the situation is getting more complicated elsewhere. So much so that Russia, for example, it has launched a semi-lockdown nine days with a significant reduction in the number of people who will go at work in presence, with a preference for smart working where it is possible.

Covid, the new European map, Tuscany is yellow

Coronavirus Tuscany: 227 new cases

A measure that President Putin immediately authorized precisely to counter the increase in infections. Meanwhile, an increase in infections is also present in England and Austria. Across the Channel the scarce use of masks and the absence of a maximum number of people in stadiums and public places it has, as scholars have confirmed, led to a return of the infection. But here’s the situation with the latest news.

A third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech was found to be 95.6% effective “at a time when the Delta variant was prevalent.” The companies will now send study data to the FDA, EMA and other regulatory agencies for licensing. “in the United States and other countries“. During the trial,” a booster dose administered to individuals who had previously received it the primary series two-dose Pfizer-BioNTech reported vaccine protection against COVID-19 to the high levels achievedi after the second dose, showing a relative vaccination efficacy of 95.6% compared to those who have not received a booster “.

In Austria there is strong concern about the sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in recent days. They were found yesterday 3,648 positive people. A week ago the figure was 2,169. From 1 November the ‘3-G rule’ will come into effect which will allow access to the workplace only for people vaccinated (geimpft), cured for six months (genesen) or tested (getestet). There were 11 new deaths for a total of 11,220 since the beginning of the pandemic. In Austria, the people who contracted the coronavirus were 787,644 and 749,934 have in the meantime recovered. Currently 968 covid patients are hospitalized, of which 214 are in intensive care.

The European Medicines Agency looks closely at the evolution of covid. “We are all looking at” the Sars-CoV-2 variant situation with winter coming, “to try to figure out where the virus is. is going and what we might expect in the weeks and months to come. Delta is still the dominant strain that is circulating “, and” we are beginning to see that there are some additional mutations that are taking place“at the moment” in a few cases, on the Delta variant. We heard about “the new mutation” AY.4.2 “, which is one of the ‘observed specials’ for example in Gb where the cases in which it has been sequenced are increasing,” and we have to monitor very closely “. importance of closely monitoring these and any other mutations was Marco Cavaleri, Head of Vaccines and Therapeutic Products for Covid-19 of the European Medicines Agency Ema, answering a question about the upcoming winter season during the periodic press briefing organized by the EU regulatory body.

The data coming from Great Britain, where a surge of infections is taking place, indicate that “there is a need to maintain a level of prudence, of gradualness, it is a call to all other countries to still maintain a profile of prudence” . The Minister of Health says so, Roberto Speranza, on the sidelines of the event «800 years of charity: from the plague to Covid-19. The history of the Misericordie movement “, held at the embassy of Italy to the Holy See with the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, the archbishop of Florence, the cardinal Giuseppe Betori and the president of the Misericordie, Domenico Giani. Answering the question of why Italy would find itself in a different situation from that of Great Britain, the minister explained: “Italy is at the moment one of the countries at European level, worldwide with the highest vaccination rate and we must insist because every additional vaccine we have is a little stronger shield for face the next few months but then there is also a theme of measures. I believe that Italy has retained a theme of prudence, precautionary measures starting with the use of masks indoors or where there are gatherings even outdoors “.

Concern about entry is growing in Israel of the AK4.2 variant (descendant of the Delta), after six cases have been detected so far. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, after an extraordinary consultation held yesterday with heads of the Ministry of Health, today called a second one. In this session, among other things, a possible update of the precautions to be taken in view of readmission will be discussed – starting from November 1st – of vaccinated foreign tourists. In an interview with public radio Kan Salman Zarka, responsible for the fight against Covid, said that the variant AK4.2 was detected in four individuals who arrived in Israel from Moldova and in two others from Great Britain.

There have been 1,036 coronavirus-related deaths in Russia in the last 24 hours and 36,339 new infections, both a daily record since the start of the pandemic. The Kremlin attributed the spike to a lackluster vaccination campaign and urged the Russians to get vaccinated. The Russian president Vladimir Putin approved a week-long nationwide shutdown from October 30 to November 7 and said regional leaders could introduce other measures at their discretion. The mayor of Moscow has already announced a four-month home stay restriction for unvaccinated over 60s.

Bayern Munich in a note announced that their coach Julian Nagelsmann “tested positive for coronavirus despite full vaccination protection. Will come back to Monaco, separately from the team, with an air ambulance and from there he will go into domestic isolation. “The Bavarians are veterans from the trip to Portugal with Benfica, won by Nagelsmann’s men 0-4.

The ministry of health in its most recent bulletin updated yesterday reported 391 new cases of coronavirus in the country and 10 deaths caused by the virus. The number of hospitalized patients in serious condition fell to 294, while at the national level the prefecture of Osaka is confirmed first as the number of new infections (73 new cases), followed by the capital Tokyo with 41, Aichi (26), Hyogo (25) , Okinawa (20) and Kanagawa (16).

“The green pass makes the difference between us and GB”

“Italy has many more vaccinated than the United Kingdom”, against Covid-19. “Then they removed the restrictions first, but above all they have one less thing: the Green pass that brings out an overwhelming number of positives, since those who do not want to get vaccinated have to get a swab “. The Undersecretary of Health said this Pierpaolo Sileri, guest of ‘Tagadà’ on La7.

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