Covid Italy April 19: 8864 cases and 316 deaths. Intensive care down, hospitalizations go up

Covid Italy April 19: 8864 cases and 316 deaths. Intensive care down, hospitalizations go up
Covid Italy April 19: 8864 cases and 316 deaths. Intensive care down, hospitalizations go up
Rome, April 19, 2021 – I’m 8.864 Covid cases in Italy in the last 24 hours. Much less of 12,694 yesterday, but the “weekend effect” weighs as always, with the few swabs: only 146,728 tests today, 84 thousand less, so much so that the positive rate rises from 5.5% yesterday to 6% today. The deaths I’m 316 (yesterday 251), for a total of 117,243 victims since the beginning of the epidemic. Still falling le terapie intensive, 94 less (with 141 admissions on the day), which drop to 3,244. On the other hand, ordinary hospitalizations are on the rise, 94 more units (yesterday -452), for a total of 23,742. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

Covid Tuscany, i new cases of positivity coronavirus recorded in the region in the last 24 hours are 771 on 11,199 tests of which 9,610 molecular swabs and 1,589 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 6.88% (18.7% on first diagnoses). Ordinary hospitalizations and intensive care are on the rise: 31 new deaths / Tuscany, complete bulletin April 19 / Covid data from Tuscany on April 18 / Full Tuscany Bulletin on April 17 / Full Tuscany Bulletin April 16
in the meantime yesterday they were 12.694 the positive test of the coronavirus in Italia: 251 the victims. The Regions they ask for an extra step on reopenings, from gyms to restaurants, from curfew to pass. But the government maintains for now the roadmap announced by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, with the gradual restarts from April 26 of different activities. “We look to the future with confidence – said the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza – but we still need a lot of caution: if you take a step too long you risk having to go back”. To reinforce the calls for caution are the latest data which show a rise in the positivity rate, which reached 5.5% (+ 0.9% compared to Saturday). For the president of the Conference of Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, «It could have reopened more, for example the gyms with individual lessons which are not a source of particular contagion. On some details we could collaborate with the Government to improve the measures ». The president of the Liguria Region is clearer Giovanni Toti, which applauds the season of reopening, but, he warns, “some things are still not coming back”. In the viewfinder, in particular, the curfew at 10pm and the travel pass.
If before, explains the governor, “without vaccines” we ate in the ‘yellow’ areas “inside bars and restaurants”, with all the safety standards required, “we must be able to do it even now, when we reopen”. Moreover, he adds, “if we open the restaurants in the evening, the ban on movement cannot remain after 10pm. In Italy we go to dinner at 8.30pm or 9pm. I don’t see the need to make the patrons gorge in a few minutes because they have to escape at home”. As for the pass, notes the Ligurian governor, “not all citizens will be able to have the vaccine in the coming weeks, and not by choice. Therefore a person must be able to move for work, study and all other reasons already foreseen. Otherwise, until July at least only people over 60 years of age will be able to move, while all the others will have to wait for their turn to get the vaccine, paralyzing the country ».

The Regions, together with Anci and Upi, are also asking for a confrontation with the Government on the issue of schools, in view of the reopening of 26 in presence and the related problems related to the use of public transport by young people. “We need to review the times of entry and exit from schools,” says Fedriga. Speranza, for its part, invites us to “keep two words together: trust and prudence. There is a need to restart, but it must be done gradually. There will not be an ‘X day’ when all measures will disappear. From the 26th we can afford some reopenings, there will be a transition phase that is not very short and we will need even more to avoid gatherings, use the mask and respect the prescriptions. We ask people for a hand, it also depends on our behavior ».
The Government is hard at work on new decree to be approved next Tuesday or Wednesday in the Council of Ministers. The chronoprogram of the reopening has been drawn up, several details remain to be defined on the individual activities and related requirements, also with the help of the CTS which will meet today to examine pass which will be used from 26 to move between regions of different colors and to access the events that will reopen, from concerts to sports. In the initial phase, a certificate showing one of the three required conditions should be enough: vaccination, negative test in the last 48 hours, healing occurred. Subsequently, among the hypotheses there is also that of an app with a QR code to be exhibited on the model of the European pass that Brussels intends to activate from the summer. Regarding the curfew, despite the criticisms of FdI and the pressure of Matteo Salvini and some regional presidents, the limit of 10 pm will be maintained. Even on the no to indoor activities to the Government, the rigorist line seems to prevail, with a possible revaluation based on contagion data in the second half of May.

The new colors of the regions

Campania “promoted” to the orange zone, Puglia, Valle d’Aosta and Sardinia are the only regions that are still red. This is the new map of Italy in color starting from Monday 19 April, following the ordinances signed by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and which record a slow decrease of the epidemic, with the national Rt index dropped to 0.85. The first ordinance provides for the passage in the orange zone for Campania, a region where the RT has fallen below 1. The second ordinance renews the stay in the red zone for Puglia and Valle d’Aosta until 30 April. The measures are without prejudice to any more restrictive measures already adopted on the territories. All other regions remain in orange since the latest anti-Covid decree suspended the yellow band. Yellow band in which, looking at the data, 16 regions could already fall: Lombardy, Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto, Lazio, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Marche, Molise, Umbria, Province of Trento and Bolzano. Calabria and Sicily, on the other hand, still have orange numbers.

Rezza: “Reopening is a risk, but we are ready to intervene”

The reopenings risk a new growth of the epidemic curve, “but we have an early warning system, to intervene immediately”: thus the head of Prevention of the Ministry of Health and member of the CTS, Gianni Rezza, in an interview with Repubblica. “We still have over 300 deaths and 15 thousand cases a day – he recalled – we are making reopenings at a time when the curve is flexing slightly. There is a risk. What is acceptable for an epidemiologist is zero, for an economist it may be instead. 100 and for those who live with an activity that has had to close it is even higher. It is legitimate for politics to find a synthesis, after which no one today can rule out that by restarting schools and other activities the curve will rise “. “Unless external factors intervene, such as the expansion of vaccination,” Rezza specified. However, the CTS member assured, “we have an early warning system, which allows us to implement restrictive measures before the curve restarts”.

Sileri: “Soon to lift the curfew”

“The current numbers, albeit better, are still not so good as to break down all the restrictions. Bringing the RT to well below 0.8 will ease some measures and extend the curfew until it is completely removed, but let’s not rush too much. The incidence of infections is still high. We must drop below 5 cases for every 10,000 inhabitants “. The undersecretary for health, Piepaolo Sileri, says this in an interview with ‘La Stampa’, regarding the curfew, from 10 pm to 5 am, which is destined to remain in force at least for the whole of May.

In Tuscany, bookings for vaccines for over 70s reopen

Reservations reopened in Tuscany on Saturday 17 April for the age group that concerns the over 70, ie people born between 1941 and 1951. To book the administration of the first dose, you must go, as always, on the booking portal. it. The vaccination will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 20, 21 and 22 April, by appointment booked at the vaccination point that the person concerned has indicated on the portal. The diaries will be closed when the available places are exhausted, which are currently only 25 thousand, due to the slow performance of supplies. At 2.30 pm today, April 17, people over 70 who received the first dose of the vaccine totaled 161,012.

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National Rt index at 0.85

The national average Rt index stands at 0.85, thus recording a decline, as it was at 0.92 last week. This is what is learned from the control room of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) – Ministry of Health on Covid-19, which met this morning.

Tuscany, the portal reopens pre-accessions for the frail

Pre-accessions for extremely vulnerable people reopen on the regional vaccine portal. In a note, the Tuscany Region makes it known that extremely vulnerable people with serious diseases and disabilities, who have not yet registered, can now do so on the regional online portal. The booking agendas for highly frail people who registered before March 31st and who have received, or are receiving, a text message with the eight-digit booking code also remain open, continues the Region. In this case, the available appointments that can be booked are those ranging from 23 April to 7 May 2021. At 6 pm today, April 16, 50,538 highly vulnerable people received the first dose and 10,354 the second
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