Coronavirus Italy today: infections of April 19. All Covid data from the bulletin

Rome, April 19, 2021 – Bulletin on the epidemic from Coronavirus in Italia. Updates of the Ministry of Health on Covid infections, currently positive, dead, recovered and intensive care, data that will be affected, as always on Monday, by a smaller number of tests carried out over the weekend. You look at the April 26, the date set by Prime Minister Draghi for the first green light at reopenings and the return to yellow zone (here which regions could reopen). The Scientific technical committee has been convened for tomorrow afternoon just to express an opinion on the measures that could converge in the new decree law, starting from pass for travel in the orange and red areas.

Movements between regions: what changes from 26 April

In the meantime, there are news on the front vaccines. Pfizer-BioNTech announced that it will supply 100 million more doses to the European Union by 2021, while Sergio Abrignani, a member of the CTS, said that the anti Covid vaccinations for minors.

Covid, the budget of April 19

We will publish here, as soon as they are available, the updates of the Ministry of Health and the pdf table.

Data from the Regions / Tuscany

Out of 11,199 tests, of which 9,610 molecular swabs and 1,589 rapid tests, in Tuscany have been detected in the last 24 hours 771 new cases of Covid, which bring the total number to 217,349. Consequently, infections are falling compared to yesterday (there were 958), but with fewer tests carried out. The rate of new positives is growing: today it is 6.88%, while yesterday it was 4.69%. The healed grow by 0.6% and reach 185,753 (85.5% of total cases), while the currently positive are 25,713, -1.4% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 1,850 (+49), of which 273 in intensive care (+3). They register 31 new deaths.

In the last 24 in Puglia are registered 584 positive cases out of 6,130 tests analyzed, with an incidence of 9.5% (yesterday it was 12.5%). The number of victims is high: they are 46 i deaths (yesterday there were 17), half of them in the province of Bari. The total number of patients admitted to hospital decreases, which today are 2,157 (17 fewer than yesterday). And the number of currently positive Apulians also decreases by 1,012 units, which are 50,426 (out of a total of 220,815 infected since March 2020), while the number of healed units increases by 1,550, passing from 163,355 yesterday to 164,905 today. 2,034,564 tests have been carried out since the beginning of the emergency.

The Veneto registers 497 new Covid infections e 7 deaths. This is an update that, as always on Mondays, is affected by less contact tracing activity over the weekend. The swabs were in fact 10,786 (compared to the average of 35-40,000 per day), with a positive rate of 4.61%. The total number of infected people since the beginning of the epidemic rises to 401,947, that of victims to 11,111. The pressure on hospitals is still decreasing: Covid patients are a total of 1,759 (-7), of which 1,495 hospitalized in non-critical wards (-8), and 264 in intensive care (+1). The subjects currently in home isolation in the Region are instead 26,522 (+78).

New Coronavirus positives drop in Market, however, in the face of a smaller number of tampons, like every Monday: they are 137 the infections detected in the last day, with a case / new diagnosis ratio of 13.6%. According to reports from the Health Service of the Region, “1,908 swabs were tested: 1,011 in the course of new diagnoses (of which 322 in the screening with the antigenic course) and 897 in the course cured”. At the provincial level, new cases 55 I’m in the province of Ancona, 50 in that of Macerata, 10 in the province of Fermo, 9 in the Ascolano, 4 in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 9 outside the region.


There are a total of 69,480 positive cases of Covid 19 registered in Abruzzo since the beginning of the emergency: compared to yesterday they are registered 97 new infections. I’m 6 instead i deaths, with the total number of victims rising to 2,337.

The other Regions

14 new Covid positives were registered in Umbria on the last day: the Region also marked 138 healed and two dead. In Basilicataon the other hand, there are 47 cases, out of a total of 407 molecular swabs, and no deaths are recorded. No casualties even in South Tyrol, while there are 10 Coronavirus infections that emerged yesterday on 1,484 swabs processed. In Valle d’Aosta there are 67 new cases of positive people at Covid.

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