Trieste, Puzzer placed in the minority backs off: “Let’s resume the garrison”

«I beg your pardon, we will rewrite the communiqué. The garrison goes on ». Stefano Puzzer, the spokesperson for the Trieste Port Workers Coordination (CLPT), announces the reverse by speaking to the No Green passes gathered in front of pier 4 of the port of Trieste. Puzzer’s words come two hours after the CLPT communiqué announcing the suspension of the blockade. After the news of the dissolution of the garrison, a very tense assembly was held with exponents of the No vax movement: Puzzer was harshly criticized, in particular by Ugo Rossi, the 3V candidate who in the last municipal elections exceeded 4% of the votes. The CLPT communiqué read: «We have won this first battle. We have demonstrated the strength and determination of port workers and all those who have supported and supported them in the defense of democracy and individual freedom “, but we need to” take a step forward together with the thousands of people and groups with whom we entered into contact these days, from tomorrow we return to work – who can – (for dockers from the first shift on 17/10/2021) but we do not stop ».

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Trieste Puzzer minority backs Lets resume garrison

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