Covid: critical situation in Romania and Russia, where only 30% of the population is vaccinated

Covid: critical situation in Romania and Russia, where only 30% of the population is vaccinated
Covid: critical situation in Romania and Russia, where only 30% of the population is vaccinated

Romania is experiencing an out-of-control situation, where the worst wave of Covid since the beginning of the pandemic is being recorded. More than 15,000 new infections a day (15,828 infections this Friday and 365 deaths). intensive care units are full, ambulances queue in front of hospitals.

Only 28.8% of the Romanian population, out of about 20 million inhabitants, is vaccinated, one of the causes of this serious health crisis. This is one of the lowest rates in the entire European Union.

“About 90% of hospitalized patients are not vaccinated, between 92 and 95% to be exact. Vaccinated people are an exception and generally those who have been vaccinated but are hospitalized are elderly or have other conditions, due to which the result of the vaccine was not as expected “, explains the director of the Matei Bals hospital in Bucharest, Adrian Marinescu.

The European Commission has decided to mobilize the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to help the country. 250 oxygen concentrators from Holland and Poland and 5,200 bottles of monoclonal antibodies from Italy arrived in Bucharest. More help should arrive in the next few days. Furthermore, since Friday the Hungarian hospitals in Szeged and Debrecen have started receiving severe patients from Romania.

Almost full hospitals in the Vilnius region

Tense situation also in Lithuania, where 92% of hospital beds in the capital region are occupied. The Santaros Clinics and the Clinical Hospital of the city of Vilnius have suspended their scheduled hospitalizations, as more and more wards are full of Covid patients.

The number of daily infections is close to 3,000 and had never been higher since December 2020. The authorities are asking the population to get vaccinated, to avoid new restrictions. Meanwhile, Lithuanian students who have not yet been vaccinated will have to pay the swab, to obtain the so-called “passport of opportunities”, which allows them to attend lectures and seminars in universities.

Double negative record in Russia

Even the Kremlin had launched an appeal for vaccination in early October, when it was understood that things could still get worse. And so it was. In fact, in the last 24 hours in Russia the peak of both infections and deaths has been reached: 33,208 new cases and 1,002 deaths from Covid.

Still a sad record in a country where only 33% of the population has completed the vaccination cycle, with the local serum, Sputnik V. Some Russian regions would be considering introducing a health pass for some public places (such as cinemas and gyms ), which certifies the vaccination, natural immunity or negativity to the tampon.

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