Covid, in Russia over a thousand deaths in 24 hours: because the country is overwhelmed by the virus

Covid, in Russia over a thousand deaths in 24 hours: because the country is overwhelmed by the virus
Covid, in Russia over a thousand deaths in 24 hours: because the country is overwhelmed by the virus

The number had been growing exponentially for weeks, each day recording a sad new record, but now Fr.For the first time, Russia has exceeded a thousand deaths from Covid in 24 hours. This was reported by the health authorities of Moscow, specifying that there were 1,002. Coronavirus cases also hit the record, with 33,208.

An increase in infections and deaths that seems to be in contrast with what is happening in much of Europe. But according to many internal and external opinions in the country, in Russia that too produces the Sputnik V vaccine used in other countries (also in various Eastern European countries, such as Hungary, or San Marino), the problem is precisely the vaccination campaign, which is slow, not helped among other things by the contrast between the “official” numbers of the pandemic and the unofficial opinions that consider contagions and deaths in the country very different (and higher) from the data reported so far. In any case in Russia, which has a population of nearly 150 million, “just over 51 million people received their first dose of a vaccine “against Covid-19, including” about 43 million “who” received both doses “, Deputy Health Minister Viktor Fisenko told the Interfax agency yesterday.

The appeal

Just the Ministry of Health, through the holder of the ministry Mikhail Murashko has asked retired doctors at the beginning of the Covid epidemic to get vaccinated and go back to work: “A part of the health workers, in the period of the beginning of Covid, given that the isolation measures were announced, had retired. Today there is already the vaccine and we ask health workers to come back. Today the vaccine allows you to protect life and health “.

The census

A word on the relationship between official infections and victims of Covid and the real state of the population could perhaps give the census just started (not done since 2010) coinciding with the surge in the viral wave. In Russia according to official data the coronavirus has killed at least 400,000 people, according to the national statistical institute, Rosstat, in 2020, the population decreased by 510 thousand people, the sharpest decline in 15 years; and until the end of August, the population, which numbered 146.2 million as of January 1, is decreased by another 595 thousand people. All this with a stagnant birth rate. The first results will be announced at the end of the year, while the definitive ones will be published by Rosstat by the end of 2022. This census will also include Crimea, the region that broke away from Ukraine to join Moscow: a choice that Kiev called it “hostile”.


If Russia is in serious trouble, not even another “giant”, the Brazil: in the last 24 hours recorded 15,3239 infections and 570 deaths from coronavirus. Still a slight increase over the previous day, but it should be taken into account that so far the epidemic killed 606,669 people in the country, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health. Brazil today has a death rate of 287 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

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