With the compulsory Green pass 69 thousand first doses in one day. But there is a boom in sickness certificates and tampons

69,000 were the first doses administered yesterday, October 15, the first day on which the obligation of the Green pass was triggered to access the workplace. Although minimal, according to the latest data released by the commissioner of General Figliuolo, a first rush to recover with the first dose, according to which the anti Covid vaccination campaign: “continues positively”, given that compared to the previous Friday there were 10 thousand more people who have not yet received any doses. Those who have received at least one administration have now exceeded 46 million, that is 85.4% of the vaccinable audience of over 12. While those who have completed the vaccination cycle have now risen to 43.74 million, that is 81%. Figures that have to deal, however, also with the peak of tampons recorded in yesterday’s bulletin, over 500 thousand, and of sickness certificates requested inps yesterday. As minister Renato Brunetta himself had communicated, at 12 noon on 15 October there was a 23.3% increase in workers who remained at home compared to the previous Friday. Among them there are still about 8.3 million who in the last update of the commissioner structure were waiting for the first dose. Of these, the most numerous were Italians between the ages of 40 and 49, about 1.7 million who have not yet attended thehub vaccine.

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