Dj Otto dies of Covid, he made the boys of the 80s dance at the Papillon in Roveredo (and beyond)

Dj Otto dies of Covid, he made the boys of the 80s dance at the Papillon in Roveredo (and beyond)
Dj Otto dies of Covid, he made the boys of the 80s dance at the Papillon in Roveredo (and beyond)

SANTA GIUSTINA – He was from Belluno, even though he was born in Switzerland and even if his professional activity had often led him far from his province: Dj Otto, born in Ottorino Casagrande, was from Santa Giustina and died yesterday of covid at the hospital in Dolo (Venice). From an early age he was passionate about music: he graduated in accordion and was, at the age of 15, European junior champion with that instrument.


When he had decided to devote himself professionally to music, he had started to be a DJ and had started touring half of Italy (he often animated evenings in many places on the upper Adriatic coast, in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Romagna) and had also spent some periods abroad. At the end of the 80s he had started working for one of the most famous nightclubs in the province of Pordenone at the time, the Roveredo Papillon in Piano, where he had begun to propose disco music. In addition to being a musician, he also became a talent producer. He had been brought to Roveredo by a discoverer of talents such as the then owner Aldo Fassetta, with the quasle he had established a relationship that lasted for many years. His talent had also made him appreciated by stars of music and entertainment such as Fiorello and Mario Biondi. He had recently started collaborating with a Paduan company that manages FM and internet radio.


On Facebook there were immediately many comments on the death of Casagrande, indeed, of DJ Otto, which took place at the Venetian hospital in Dolo, where he was hospitalized about twenty days ago. Mostly emotional and painful reactions, like those of his colleagues too. Marco Ossanna, also from Belluno and also a DJ, said that he was a rival of Casagrande professionally, even if he has always respected him for his professionalism: «We were brothers, we had known each other for 45 years and we supported each other. We also worked together, the most beautiful experience was the one at the Pineta in Milano Marittima. Otto has always seen far in music. Far-sighted, ambitious, perhaps even too demanding with himself, he was never satisfied ». Ottorino Casagrande leaves his mother and two brothers. The funeral will be celebrated on Saturday at 3 pm in Santa Giustina.

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