Coronavirus today, Orlando: no free swabs for unvaccinated workers


Grillo, “the state pays the tampons to enter the company for no green pass workers”

“The workers without vaccines could be 3-3.5 million, out of 23 million workers, about 13% -15%. If the state decided, as desirable, to pay the tampons to enter the company, for these workers, about 1 billion euros would be needed until December 2021 “. Beppe Grillo proposes it in a post published on his blog. The founder of the M5s suggests, among other things, a mechanism through an exchange of data between Sogei and Inps to identify no green pass workers and ensure that “the cost of the tampon is only anticipated by the company but paid in balance by Inps, as generally happens for the ordinary layoffs on the payments of company contributions “. For Grillo, “this mechanism would have the double advantage: one, of being fast, avoiding queues and checks at company turnstiles, during which workers would certainly see their freedom of space violated, and two, of being free for workers, and to identify the cost and cover it with a special bonus, paid by the state. The debate is open ”.


Coronavirus today Orlando free swabs unvaccinated workers

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