Covid-19 crushes a 52-year-old carabiniere. Unarma’s warning to get vaccinated

GALLIPOLI – There is dismay and sadness, in Collepasso – where he resided – and in Gallipoli, where he worked, for the disappearance of Donato Guido yesterday at the age of 52. Appointed chosen special qualification, in force at the mobile radio operating unit of the Carabinieri Company of the Ionian city, it was Covid-19 that crushed him. The announcement was made by the Apulian general secretariat of Unarma, the Arma union. With a very specific reminder, addressed to everyone, that of making responsible choices, that is, getting vaccinated.

“We witnessed helplessly, in a very few days, the death of the colleague, registered, unfortunately victim of this terrible and devious virus”, writes in a note the general secretariat of Unarma, who adds: “The infection seems to have occurred in service and it also involved other colleagues in the same shift, some of whom would be hospitalized at the local hospital and for whom we hope for a speedy recovery. Of the colleagues interested in the affair, those who did not suffer from symptoms, unlike the others, were vaccinated ”.

“We report this latest reference to the vaccine – they add from the secretariat -, as a mere statistical observation. The episode is and remains sad and bitter, it leaves us astonished and saddened by the realization that a colleague is no longer there and others are still struggling to heal, but at the same time there must be a clear warning and make us reflect: the virus is still there. and silently reap victims and reap them using us “.

“Far from wanting to undertake (this is neither the time nor the appropriate venue) debates on the appropriateness of certain recently adopted and questionable usefulness legal instruments – adds the union -, this Apulian trade union association invites every carabiniere to be responsible for their choices and of one’s actions, always placing at the center of the dispute the safety of oneself and of others, including our family members, inside and outside the service, as an unavoidable cornerstone for the fight against the virus and the correct and safe performance of the delicate tasks to which we are called to acquit “.

“Covid-19 is an enemy – continues Unarma -, an invisible, devious and deadly enemy that one cannot think of fighting with bare hands and without weapons and protections, especially by those who are called, every day, in the first person, on battlefields. It is necessary, for everyone, in this delicate and decisive moment – the conclusion – to take responsible, meaningful and logical choices, aimed at the real protection of health, in order not to become an instrument of the virus, victims and perpetrators at the same time “.

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