In Montefiascone mayor and deputy woman, in Vetralla 2 councilor

In Montefiascone mayor and deputy woman, in Vetralla 2 councilor
In Montefiascone mayor and deputy woman, in Vetralla 2 councilor

Administrative elections 2021 – In the municipalities that went to the vote, government teams are working – First indiscretions – In Vitorchiano for the outgoing Prime Minister Ielmoni possible passage in council

by Giuseppe Ferlicca

Viterbo – Vetralla, Vitorchiano and Montefiascone, the new municipal administrations working on their respective councils.

As in the other centers that went to the polls on 3 and 4 October, the parties are finalizing names and proxies, but in the two centers the closure seems imminent and the respective teams could be announced as early as next week, even before the debut session of advise.

An all-female summit is looming in Montefiascone. Alongside the mayor Giulia De Santis could go in the role of deputy, Rosita Cicoria, while a position is practically certain also for the former mayor Luciano Cimarello and so for Giulia Moscetti.

Luciano Cimarello

And while the center-left prepares the government team, on the Falisco hill there are those who, perhaps with a good dose of malice, if not perfidy, pull out of the drawer the letter delivered at the end of July, with which the provincial coordinator FdI Massimo Giampieri removed the degrees of municipal spokesman to Dante La Corte, appointing Massimo Ceccarelli as commissioner.

“To give greater impetus to the activity of FdI in view of the next administrative elections”. This is the motivation. Perhaps appreciable effort, but that was not enough.

When a defeat occurs, the repercussions are inevitable. In the center-right there is discussion, it is happening in these hours also in Vetralla, albeit for opposite reasons.

Mayor Sandro Aquilani is closing with allies for his team.

Sandrino Aquilani and Giovanni Gidari

The appointment of Giovanni Gidari as councilor and also deputy mayor has been discounted. He was part of an understanding before the vote, just as Giulio Zelli will be part of the team.

The FdI exponent is the most voted, with 864 preferences, not only in Vetralla but in all the twenty municipalities in which he voted.

Another certainty is Dario Bacocco, while the other positions in the council should be occupied by two women.

Going by preferences, Daniela Venanzi and Elisabetta Raggi. However, this is not necessarily the chosen criterion.

In the parts of Vitorchiano, on the other hand, Ruggero Grassotti is modeling, having to deal with the other two centers, with new entries and reconfirmations, being the mayor in his second term.

Federico Cruciani

It seems certain, even on the strength of his 380 votes, the presence in the council of Federico Cruciani, probable deputy of Grassotti, as well as Gian Paolo Arieti. The latter councilor and maybe even deputy mayor, if the choice does not fall on Cruciani.

Then there is Ester Ielmoni. It could pass from the presidency of the council, a role held until the return to the vote, directly in the council. Diplomacy at work and even in this case, not much should pass from indiscretions to officialdom.

Giuseppe Ferlicca

October 10, 2021

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