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School trips are back. The executives: «Ready for spring. Educational trips are important ”- Chronicle

School trips are back. The executives: «Ready for spring. Educational trips are important ”- Chronicle
School trips are back. The executives: «Ready for spring. Educational trips are important ”- Chronicle

TRENTO. The conditionals are many, the organizational difficulties far from irrelevant but from a regulatory point of view, schoolchildren and students will be able to go back to living experiences this year even outside the classroom. The Scientific Technical Committee and the Ministry of Education they have in fact provided a series of indications that provide, as practically the only limitation, the possibility of moving from a white area to a white area.

“This is an important opening – he explains Paolo Pendenza, representing school managers – since I am convinced that educational trips and outings represent important moments in the life of children and with a little attention to the organization we can go back to making them ».

A limitation that affects everyone, and therefore students and teachers included, is the need to have a green pass in order to participate in some activities. “The school in general cannot ask students who has it or who does not – explains Slope – but if you want to organize trips that require entry to the museum or other realities that require it, the school will have to communicate to the families that the green pass is required for that exit. The families will decide whether or not to authorize the child’s exit. The school does not have to know if the authorization is linked to the fact that the minor has a green pass or for other reasons ».

Obviously, the obligation to have a green pass represents a greater problem in the case of trips lasting more than two days because in that case not even the 48-hour buffer could be enough to start the children and even the teachers. “It is clear that given the current situation, greater attention is needed in communications with families, but it is possible to organize everything, even abroad, considering that no limits are set apart from the general rules valid for everyone”. Much discretion this year is given to the individual manager.

“There are schools where it has already been decided that there will be no exits and others that are planning them instead. But even remote programming is not easy because an area that is now white could turn yellow and at that point it would skip any program ».

“The main idea is to plan for school trips,” he says Laura Zoller, head teacher of the Buonarroti Technological Institute. «Getting around, getting out of the confines of the institute is important; it is a cultural fact. In fact, there is talk of educational trips. We are suggesting to teachers to start budgeting them. We will move in the spring, from March or April, in the hope that the health situation will improve further ». On the fact that to participate in some activities the green pass will most likely be needed, “we will have to be very careful not to discriminate against anyone,” the manager emphasizes.

«We will have to be very precise in communicating the program of proposed activities and the conditions to be able to participate. It is desirable that the school provides alternative programs for those who cannot participate in some activities, always keeping in mind the resources available. And if things go the right way, we would like to organize a visit to the headquarters of the Council of the European Union in Brussels. European citizenship education is very important for students ”.

Even at the Tambosi Institute they are thinking of going back to organizing educational trips. “The state of emergency is in force until 31 December, so until that date we don’t intend to move, of course, but certainly in the spring period”, reveals the school director Andrea Bezzi. «We want to go back to tradition: travel is important both from an educational and socialization point of view. They are a fundamental part of the school path. We will have to consider the health conditions of the moment, but we are confident. We have already begun to talk about it in the first faculty board ».

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