Coronavirus Lazio, bulletin 9 October 2021

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09 October 2021 17:12


A total of 22,700 tests were processed in Lazio in the last 24 hours, which led to ascertain 230 new cases of covid, 64 less than yesterday and 116 less than last Saturday 2 October. There were three deaths and 244 patients recovered. “The ratio between positives and swabs is 1.0%”, underlines the councilor for health of Lazio Alessio D’Amato. There are a total of 358 citizens admitted to hospitals in the region, while 52 intensive care units are employed.

The bulletin of the ASL of Latina of 9 October

The distribution of cases in Lazio

In detail, there are 107 infections registered in the city of Rome and 63 in the rest of the province of Rome, while in the other four provinces of Lazio there are 60 new cases. Of these, 22 were ascertained by the ASL of Latina, 21 by the health authority of Frosinone, 11 by that of Rieti and finally 6 in Viterbo.

The bulletin of October 9

There are 9,239 citizens of Lazio currently positive for covid, of which 358 hospitalized in the medical area in hospitals, 52 in intensive care and 8,839 in home isolation. From the beginning of the pandemic to date, 8,682 patients have died and 369,069 healed out of a total of 366,990 covid cases examined.

The point about the vaccination campaign

Finally, the framework of the vaccination campaign, which in Lazio counts a total of 8.4 million administrations, which allowed to reach 90% of the adult population and over 83% of over 12 who have completed the vaccination process. Lazio has vaccination coverage rates among the highest in Europe. Meanwhile, the administration of the third dose continues, with over 30 thousand vaccinations already carried out among the over 80s and for a few days also among health workers (starting from the over 60s at high risk of exposure and comorbidities).



Coronavirus Lazio bulletin October

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